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Dee-1 explains why he called Nicki Minaj a ‘puppet’ on Sway in the Morning (@dee1music @rapzilla)

Nicki Minaj fans criticized Dee-1 on social media last week after Sway in the Morning released video of his Doomsday Cypher in which he called the Cash Money rapper a “puppet.” Dee-1…

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king Jae says:

Why don’t you speak on Iggy Beyonce rihanna Kim k they all do what Nicki
does keep it real y’all hate her because how successful she is what does
she have to do with ur music your saying young queens but km pretty sure ur
not in a faithful relationship you probably don’t even respect your women
your sad you just want fame nobody’s know you lame ass

Eli Mills says:

Some of y’all saying she didn’t sign up to be a role model… But truth is
she knows the influence she has on young females… If you know your “job”
is steering people in the wrong direction then YOU have the responsibility
of changing it. But when you don’t even control the music you put out then
technically YOU ARE A PUPPET! These artist dot run their music life AT ALL!
But for that money they will do anything…even when they know it has a
huge negative influence on the youth. They have to stand before God one day
and they cannot use the excuse of “IT WAS JUST MY JOB”… So we shouldn’t
give them that pass either. 

dkooldabney says:

I’m not here for the negativity. I’m not here to defend Nicki. I’m only
here to voice my opinion. Dee-1 is a good dude with whom I’ve had the
pleasure of meeting on several occasions. He’s dope. And so is Nicki. As it
relates to the Nicki comment, I simply believe kids have PARENTS for a
reason. That’s all.

SkaterBoyProductions says:

Ty!! Man I’ve been saying this, that nicki minaj is a role model whether
she chooses to be or not. Whether she “thinks it just a catchy song” or
not, your music and words will influence your fans (not me I’m not a fan).
However blind people just respond by saying “she making money, she don’t
care what you think, stop being a hater” yea okay.. whatever keep being
blind and continue to be a follower.

Brandon W says:

Hip-Hop needs more rappers like this calling out ignorance if we ever want
it to change. Especially artists who follow Christ. We preach this message
inside the 4 walls of our church so why not to the masses on a legitimate
platform. If Nicki Minaj (and about every other main stream artist) has the
right to sell poison then Dee-1 has every right to call her a puppet for
doing so. And Christians please here me on this if you support his comments
then please go buy his album when it drops. Pray for him, encourage him,
and give him the resources to keep fighting the music giants out there. 


One of my reasons why I respect this dude, not afraid to call out somebody
for the type of music they make for world

Josue Arellano says:

Dee-1 you are real as ever can be, you didn’t have to explain but you have
much more respect from me from this.

Dylan Deryp says:

Sigh* people can bee so ignorant in these comments. A Christian rapper says
something about somebody’s image as a celebrity and that somehow without a
doubt makes them a hater or dumb. The world is a sad place

The Black Jewelz says:

Explanation: {pause} *smirk*…”I mean that’s real!…”

De'vante Richards says:

Celebrities never signed up to be role models, regardless of what ya’ll
say. Rihanna says this all the time. They can do whatever the hell they
want. They’re GROWN ass women at the end of the day. None of these artists
signed up to take the responsibility to raise other people’s children. It
is NOT Nicki Minaj’s job to cater to what images and sounds that you feel
your child should be subjected to. Raise YOUR own damn kids.

Mike Oles says:

Hey Minaj fans are probably going to attack this video. Don’t fall to
their level, turn the other cheek! 3’s UP!

keshealm says:

When you called her a puppet it drew a picture for people to understand
that we as young women are being influenced by her music which if we are
keeping it real isn’t good if you are trying to be a woman of GOD and get
respect. Nikki can get away with stuff her fans can’t so we should always
be careful on who we allow to influence us.

Jesic Johnson says:

Dee 1 told the truth and the truth is not popular but it is still the
truth. The imagery and subject matter not only in Nikki’s music but in Iggy
Azalea, Beyonce and others is subject to their approval but the final word
comes from the label who write the checks. Bottomline is they are making
the music that sales and the label doesn’t care how it influences others.
It’s all about the money. In the end people need to make their own choices.
Cut the strings and think for yourself.

Lancelot Moore-Yorke says:

Word, do your thing bruh.

Nol Jackson says:

Dee 1 one of the realist. motivational artist are somewhat giving a back
seat to these fake rappers who don’t care about who they are as a person
and just care for currency so if that mean damaging their fans in the
process of making that paper then they will. MJ wrote a song on the higher
power not caring sound crazy but its the truth and the truth will always
hurt learn to embrace it. 

J Jones says:

i hope he stay geniune and real and doesn’t let the need for money alter
his actions that he rep now in this industry
Signing to major record label can limit exposing his truth that can equate
to some success and wealth which in turns can continue his truth mission
with purpose
The real facts on why he didn’t sign to Cashmoney has be related to the
alleged gay and satanic agenda they have in the industry … look at Lil
Wayne he probably was tired of that so now he wants out
Jus listen to some of the lyrics he reference to as it relates to God and
Evil .. stay tuned this guy can probably move people with his hip hop
message and please keep feeding him energetic and melodic beats to complete
his style that can cross him over to the young thug puppets and hopefully
pull em out.
Salute Dee-1

Dara Fasipe says:

When you have a large degree of influence and a big platform, that needs to
be stewarded appropriately. If you are aware that people look up to you, it
doesn’t make sense not to care at all about how you influence them. It’s
easy to scream “Freedom” and “YOLO” but nobody wants to be held accountable
and responsible for their actions and the consequences. People don’t exist
in a vacuum. What we do affects others. 

sean James says:

But guess what you is a puppet for coming on here saying this bullshit and
further more don’t use god in your judgemental comments ,the same way
someone tell you to where that chain around your neck and I bet you don’t
know the meaning of that dreadlocks on your fucking head …

Patrick Neal says:

need more people like dee-1 in CHH

Justen Jones says:

@mario Stacey no no yhu pump yo breaks… First off y’all act like she
dresses that way on a daily bases no she dosent and second dats y tf dese
kids got mamas to say jus cause yhu see someone else dress a certain way
dnt mean yhu have to and tbh nicki ain’t got Shyt to do wit how majority of
dese lil girls dressin b/c girls been dressin like that fa years iight
y’all also gotta think abt who in the households or family dress like or
aren’t already sluts and the girls dress like dem Its not always nicki once
some lil girl dress inappropriate oohh its dat slut nicki or dat bitch
nicki hell naw dats not the case there’s other female artists who dress the
same or if not worse some all y’all need to check y’all selves b4 yhu try
and tlk Shyt abt the nxt person 

dongyul kim says:

Real really dee1. Video reply wasn’t necessary but hearing you speak in
glad you got that platform and you’re holding onto that truth. Looking
forward to new music

Zach Hannibal says:

I got you Dee. Glad you took the time to explain yourself, and I’m sure
many who were questioning will understand now, and even if they don’t, it’s
cool man. Keep at it.

Deondre Mack says:

He need to shtfu nicki not even worry about u come correct my nigga

Kristen Cotton says:

Much respect for posting this video, I didn’t need clarification, I got it!
Nonetheless in seasons get to where I am…

Robert Garza says:

Real talk bra keep spittin truth mang till Jesus calls us home 

Michael Hernandez says:

Dee 1 shouldn’t have to explain nothing. Rapzilla needs to apologize for
the title of the article.

ifo fuimaono says:

Dee 1 speaks the truth through and through, i believe he can bring the game
back. free us all from these puppets

junior ibarra says:

Dee 1 always on point , call then out, we gotta hold people accountable for
the MSG they spreading , God is glorified and I respect dee 1 for doing
what he does 

Onandi Sylvester says:

Nobody don’t wants the true it doesn’t make the money nigga 

cpatterson22 says:

This man basically said stop praising celebs and praise God and all some of
you heard was Nicki Minaj, yet he wrong
I see where your priorities are.

hayMateyha says:

for me it wasn’t necessary, Just put his work and art out and let it speak
for its self easier then attacking or coming for another artist. 

Jamie Williams says:

I feel u on this 1 God is the master ! There shall be no idols….keep
shining young man

Mista Flossin says:

Lil Kim>Trina>Nicki Minaj>?
these Thots come & go

LifeGiven says:

My BOY!!!!!!!!

Mz. Jae says:

Real dude speaking from the heart save our young queens

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