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Designer Skin Golden Ceremony Tanning Lotion

Golden Ceremony Special Occasion Bronzer imparts dramatic, dark color for your most memorable of events. Fast acting for immediate color gratification. Exclusive Special Occasion Bronzer complex delivers instant, golden bronze color while DHA, Erythrulose and Black Walnut Extract help provide a gorgeous dark effect.

Product Size: 8.5 fl oz
Fragrance: Summer Starfish
Manufacturer: Designer Skin
Classification: Bronzer

Product Features

  • Special Occasion Bronzer

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J. Lillard says:

Effective, moisturizing lotion with instant golden color Designer Skin’s Golden Ceremony lotion is the best tanning lotion I’ve ever used. It has bronzer, which provides instant natural golden color to give you immediate gratification, while developing a beautiful overall tan once the bronzer has worn off. This makes it a great choice when you want immediate results for an event, such as a wedding or special night out. It goes on evenly with no streaking whatsoever, no odd color and no unpleasant after tan smell. It is very moisturizing and…

V. Frias says:

Smells good and works Although I’ve never bought this lotion from online. I did buy it at an LA Tan. The price was outragious and i’m new to buying lotions. i’d always just buy the $5 packets. So I took it up a notch and bought the bottle.First, I did pay $40 for the bottle and it was supposedly on sale. So the price online is completely better, obviously. The smell is good. Smells citrus. And it does work!Even though I tan easily. I got darker fast with this lotion by going three times. I…

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