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Spike Lee: Gentrification puts NYC at risk – Lone Wolf –


lemmieatit says:

As someone who is very familiar with For Greene I can tell you this; the
Black landlords are rejoicing over having respectful, rent on time paying
tenants. And those shops were either Jamaican weed shops or vacant before
Hipsters came. Many of the White restaurant owners have Black landlords and
are not rich

bob smith says:

just another racist negroe. fuck him. what black culture? EVERY black
neighborhood in the u.s. is a crime ridden hellhole, bad schools ,dirty
streets . blacks blame whites when they live close or far or even on a
different continent.will they next blame Asians and Hispanics for their
problems? I think not! those people wont fall for soon as whites stop
falling for the blame of black pathologies the better.

common101sense says:

So when a black family moves into a white neighborhood, the white people
can use “we’ve been here longer so you’re going to do as we say”? No
blasting loud music then. 

Jimmy Jam says:

Fucking idiot, spike Lee.

Free agent 5 says:

Hate whites much, spike? How’s that $32mil apt doing for ya up there?.
Divide and conquer

KJ Carson says:

And for speaking the truth, Spike Lee’s family’s home in Brooklyn was
vandalized the other day.

Anderson Cooper is incredibly dense if he can’t comprehend that the few
benefits of gentrification will not help the large group of people getting
priced out of their neighborhoods.

vegastyphoon says:

Two words for Spike: DOUBLE STANDARD. When white people like Paula Dean
talk, they loose their jobs. When black militants spew hate, they are
promoted. Hmmm.
MLK would be ashamed of this behavior. 

LoneWolf Sager says:

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