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Develop Strategy as a Team


Pierre Fred Walter says:

You can only define shared goals if people are empowered enough to
contradict what they believe or feel is a silent consensus. In one training
the General Manager suggested to put ‘excellence’ at the top of the value
list but two participants contradicted, and that was a good thing for it
got the discussion to the point. We needed one entire hour to convince
these two men that excellence is a value that can be reached, not just an
ideal as they believed it to be.

Lansana Gagny Sakho says:

Teamwork is a key setting strategy without involving people is just driving
out of success road

Pierre Fred Walter says:

Teambuilding surely is one of the toughest issues in corporate training. I
have done it in Indonesia, a culture not my own, and where the values are
different. You would think in a culture where the group counts more than
the individual, teambuilding should be much easier than in the West but my
experience was exactly the contrary. People who are not individuated but
define themselves in terms of their family or clan are very insecure in
teamwork and need to be empowered a lot.

Antonio Lagarto says:

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