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DIVINATION and WISDOM for 2013: Heru


Toya Ruffin says:

Thank you Dearest!

Infinitealchemist says:

Yep! I’m addicted to helping people. I REALLY think life will be over if I
don’t help. Which only brings on them ASKING me 4 help ALL the time. Then I
have the nerve 2 get aggravated. WHAT!? Lol..Nice upload, sisSTAR! Bliss! :

Tirra Hargrow says:

My honor, sister! Also, I got your text when I was on the road the other
day. SO happy that my experience with my mother has made a significant
impact on you. LOVE YOU!!!

Tirra Hargrow says:

@Infinitealchemist: You are cracking me up! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY
VIDEO!!!! I so appreciate you!!! BLESSINGS and MEGA BLISS MOMENTS IN 2013
and ALWAYS! <3

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