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Photographer Sante D’Orazio- Off The Wall

Photographer Sante D’Orazio takes JAY Z’s Life+Times on a guided tour of his recent auction at Christie’s. Hailing from Brooklyn, D’Orazio has shot some of t…

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Emilee Araújo says:

Wow, I love it, bOObs everywhere… Art is really amazin’ lol.

docmystery says:

I need to get my photography game up

milana bonjorno says:

cute girls

NojusCJ Best says:


Kabir Portillo says:


champion5100 says:

I love art

lueisadude says:

Very nice.

bramsha says:

The girls again…

shitting dogs look funny says:

of coures… this foto was all taken just for a waste of time.. sure!
#whatareyoutryingtosellme? XD

Charlotte Allen says:

“When a culture embraces someone they become an icon” -Sante D’Orazio those
portraits are beautiful and priceless.

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