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Donkey of the Day: Chief Keefs Girlfriend


Soul Beatz says:

This nigga said “Lil Chief Queef” Lmao

JessikahAznBabyy says:

i died at “Chief Queef”

Sherrell Burton says:

These chicks let men degrade them then wonder why their men dont respect

ThisIsAUsername says:

There is no other reason for her dating him other than fame and money.

Dub M Fresh says:

LMAO…. I was #dead at cheddar cheese air biscuit.

SirDutty says:

Cheif Queef! zzzz this dude lol

Noplay says:

Farting on someone, that’s the shit I DO like!

Rep Kinqq says:

Cheif Keef Gonna Kill All Yall Niqqas In The Breakfast Club Lml Dont Fuck
With Shot Town Naw Im Jk !!!

TheOfficialSvengali says:

Booty Burp & Anal Audio Added to Vocab… Completed. Lol

devuche1 says:

Niggas acting like they NEVERRRR farted on their girl or near em..Stop
acting uppity 

Ryan Petry says:

butt cheek screech lol

Bacon Pants says:

is this not the same guy who says, and i quote “sucks farts out of womens
buttholes” and lets them “toss his salad”.

streetz180 says:

New must be slow if they actually put this up 

Daniel king says:

Asscoustics roflmfao

phillylegend14 says:

HAAAAAAAA !!! how many names he have for farts

8teesbabii says:


Jarod Billingslea says:

lol ik this dude was gonna talk about chief next.

Cocoa Davis says:

Lol a chief quiet.

Jazmine T. Daniel says:

anal audio lmao

david wheeler says:


Tristan11406 says:

Yo I can”t stop laughing at this shit, Charlamagne is a FOOL!

Chandler Johnson says:

That fart sounded fake as hell though

Joshua O'Neal says:

Thats how them Chirag niggas be markn they territory…let them other
niggas know thats his bitch!

kevin richardson says:

Worst dotd in a minute

Maro Ryals says:

Booty burb

BrentWoodSean38 says:

If she not pregnant by now, she’s stupid.

JRealGhetto says:

i dont like chief keef but this DoTD was lame 

Somefun951 says:

Whats gross is that he was sitting on her lap when he farted, damn that’s
just nasty.

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