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Every time I see a photo link that links to flickr or photobucket…


IamWhoAmI says:

she finds out her kid got a B in math

cakez says:

You start morphing into a horse?

fakeandbake says:

oooh ouch… Fellow* 🙂

bobbinforyoyos says:

People asking me to sing “Laaaaaa”

Shitstick says:

Thank you for saying this. I really didnt want to type it out AGAIN!! lol

purrpurrpurr says:

Holy crap, whatever happened to my photobucket account?! I had some great shit there!

bigtigger53 says:

Every time I don’t look before answering the door, and it’s a religious salesman.

ballshangattheknees says:

She got the lead roll in a bukkake film

ImaHeauxFuhsheaux says:

Every time I orgasm…and fart.

KathyOgoula says:


FrankyFrankFrank says:

booo! go home!

TherealDrPhil says:


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