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Fox News Decided To Make Jokes About Ray Rice’s Domestic Abuse Video

Once more, Fox News has fundamentally misunderstood a breaking news situation.

After a video surfaced of NFL player Ray Rice punching his wife in an elevator, the “Fox & Friends” panel decided to discuss the issue at hand, but unfortunately not in a way that appropriately condemns domestic abuse.

They seemingly excuse Rice instead of holding him culpable.

In a positive tone, host Steve Doocy said,

We should also point out, after that video and — now you know what happened in there — [Janay Palmer] still married him! They are married right now.

The other hosts chime in, noting that Rihanna went back to abusive boyfriend Chris Brown.

They also say that Beyoncé stayed with husband Jay Z after a video surfaced of him fighting with her sister, Solange.

Brian Kilmeade notes that Jay Z declined to act violently after the incident, which he seems to think was in awareness of the presence of cameras in the elevator.

But you notice Jay V [sic] didn’t hit back. I think the message is, take the stairs.

As the three hosts giggle, Doocy jokes,

The message is, when you’re in that elevator there’s a camera.

Or, potentially the message is that domestic violence is unwaveringly wrong; it’s not just wrong when the public eye is on you or when you get caught.

Instead of being allowed to crack jokes about suffering and abused partners, “Fox & Friends” should be held accountable for their inappropriate lack of on-air ethics.

The Baltimore Ravens announced today that Rice’s contract has been terminated. He has also been banned from the NFL.

H/T: Huffington Post

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