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These Containers May Not Look Like Much, But Watch Him Use Them To Build A Home

As we slowly crawl our way out of the housing crisis that began in 2007, it’s nice to know that if another mortgage apocalypse occurs, there will be some people proficient enough to build homes out of scraps left from the fallout.

For instance, take Redditor kriegercontainers who recently took a bunch of shipping containers that were just lying around and built a surprisingly comfortable-looking duplex.

Here is the empty lot where kriegercontainers decided to build his home. It may not look like much now, but just wait!

Here come the shipping containers! (Not sure why someone would just have some lying around, but whatever.)

He began with the framing.

Even before the walls are put in, it’s already starting to look like a home.

This is the view much of the home would eventually have.

Now the front of the house, complete with a deck, is finished!

Check out the interior!

The freight container walls can still be seen, but I think it gives the home a neat, industrial look.

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I honestly wasn’t expecting there to be indoor plumbing, but I guess I was wrong.

And here it is! What an awesome shipping container home.

Even though it was made from shipping containers, clearly the home doesn’t make you feel like you live on the docks. It may be small, but it’s quaint and didn’t cost the builder a whole lot to make. Kriegercontainers was even proud to say that he responded to a lot of the comments on Reddit using the Wi-Fi installed in the home!

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