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Gentrification of African Americans in US cities


lilrog0909 says:

I rather see more of us moving into small town where we could have way more
local power. As long as I been America the big cities of America have been
a death trap for blacks! Yeah I get it the tax resources in small town suck
but these small towns could become city black wallstreets (towns)
especially cross the south.

These are the most important numbers African Americans should understand
median age. The median age determines most of the politics/economic
patterns because that is the group that cares. The Average white American
median age is 40-42 (yes thats old), Black Americans is 31-34 (Blacks in
the South are much younger), Latinos is 26-29 (majority of them live along
the West). We need to disperse throughout the southern states into small
cities and towns. In these town and small cities we have a better
opportunity to raise better family values, generational wealth, and
increase our population.

What I notice in the cities blacks are fighting 6 people to 1 employment.
All cross America you can find small city/towns that fits your needs and in
there are small town that fit ours. If up North Blacks are willing to give
up big city cost of living for a slower way life they could live very well.
As long as blacks maintain strong black family values and a stable
fertility rate (3.0 not 2.1) we could politically and economically take
back the SOUTH and move our way to the rest of the US. But its gonna take
blacks leaving these shitty cities.

Another thing why on earth would you want to live in such a place with so
much unemployment and high ass taxes. I earn my nursing degree and moved
the fuck out the city to a small town met my black wife w/ 3 kids we live
damn good in the country compared to my inner city peers.

Leave the cities for foreigners and rich folks! The city has done anything
for us in the last 60yrs. just let that shit go. 

joey s says:

this “jihadist” host is no friend to victims

joey s says:

the blacks as citizens have had their leaders “high jacked” by forces
amicable to destruction. Lillie Howard and her son are obviously honest
people. Blacks have to get away from being “black” and being “citizens”
with all that that means as an American

joey s says:

I think Lillie Howard is a ethical lady and if there were more citizens
like her, blacks would not so “damned”!

joey s says:

this jihadist “host” needs to spend some time in a “black” area. She
wouldn’t last! Blacks create havoc, hatred and a bottomless FEAR!

Tony Starks says:

Goku92son+ An after the African Americans are exterminated, who do you
think will be next!

GOKU92SON says:

True, African Americans are headed towards extermination in America.

GOKU92SON says:

So true!!!!

Superblackdragonrage says:

Gentrification is a big scam.

joey s says:

who is this woman? Osama Bin Laden’s sister?

The Straight Shooter says:

Ok, I’m in the first 3:19 of the video. I left Long Island NY back in 90’s
because it was plain to see that the place was falling apart. Taxes and the
cost of living were to high so I can completely understand why a big
business would leave. So right now I have no sympathy for these people.

GOKU92SON says:

Thanks brother.

eutue says:

i’d do that reporter chick, Susan. btw, i respect these vids. i got into a
Mugabe one 1st & recognized that your channel is needed in media at a more
visible level. you share different views often intentionally ignored by
most other media venues. salute.

JourniHeart23 says:

AMERICA!” I’m really surprised white America has not tried 2 put us on
reservations which is what it is coming down 2 soon!

Aboriginal Brother says:

fema camps

brisbailrocks says:

And the circle continues. Newburgh was once a beautiful city. Demographic
shifts changed that. Who is to blame? Is there any personal responsibility?

Rukia Niles says:

She knows her city very well and where the money is going

GOKU92SON says:

You have a point. We let the whites take back the cities. Blacks should
have organized economically and create jobs for ourselves. despite the
government using cointel pro to destroy us. I feel we(blacks) were doing
better during segregation. We had our own businesses, hospitals, and
communities. Our foolish civil rights leaders failed us in the 60’s.

JourniHeart23 says:

Gentrification, urban renewal just words 4 “genocide the black race!” These
gentrification & urban renewal plans & Plan Parenthood r the same 1’s
Hitler used n his country 2 genocide blacks, jews, women, homosexuals, &
any 1 not considered “true white”, this has been documented. N truth this
is blk ppl’s fault 4 wanting 2 b called American & expected white
supremacist America 2 treat blk ppl as equal citizens. Blk ppl were
expected 2 b slaves 4 ever n America!

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