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Gerardo: Steve Stoute Got Millions From Diddy After Altercation – Right at the beginning of his start at Interscope, Gerardo revealed to VladTV what he knew about the Diddy and Steve Stoute altercation over the “Hate Me Now” video. The famed artist and music exec explained that while he didn’t witness Diddy hit Steve with a bottle, Gerardo said he does remember Interscope co-founder Jimmy Iovine stepping in as mediator of the situation.

After pointing out that the incident was never a lawsuit, Gerardo did mention a “payoff” resulted in the end. When DJ Vlad asked if it was in the millions, Gerardo responded by saying, “You could say that.”

Check out more of what he had to say on the situation above.

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Jay Sizzle says:

where is this full interview at???

Billy Conforto says:

“Diddy had a problem with Stevie Stoute, got a Crystal bottle, knocked Stevie out” – Masta Ace

MC EITH davis says:


James loft says:

Puff a Lowkey Gay Ganster

jennifer williams says:

Money changing of hands all that is next through this bullshit and on to something of seriois nature…..

???????? says:

Vlad gonna get a nigga fired !!

???????? says:

Vlad the story I heard nigga u got the tapes fucking hip hop detective

deshaun dozier says:

Y is it so many f'n Steve stoute videos everywhere? Is he dead?

Random Coments says:

50 actually said "I kicked her ass, we back friends like Puffy and Steve Stoute" not "I beat her ass"

clorox bleach says:

my real name is gerardo!

Ian Lee says:

ca ca colors colors….

32roho says:

Gerardo is a snitch.

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