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Hip-Hop: A Culture of Peace (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

A documentary film created by Stephen Tyson Jr., which examines the role of Hip-Hop culture as an international purveyor of peace through the arts & media. This film was created for his Master’s thesis in International Peace & Conflict Resolution at Arcadia University in conjunction with NY Film Academy.

Featuring (in order of appearance):

Michael Skolnik – Editor in Chief,
Tommy Flame – MC from Philadelphia
Kwiz Da Wizzard – MC from Harlem/Philadelphia
Dr. Rochelle Peterson-Ansari – Professor at Arcadia University
MegaCIPH – MC from New York
SIENIDE – Graffiti artist from New York
Edmund Adjapong – Educator at Beyond The Bricks, NYC
MARA – Graffiti artist from Bulgaria
Illspokinn & Mariella – MC & Singer from New York
Anointed – Poet/Graffiti artist from Philadelphia

Filmed & edited by Stephen Tyson Jr.

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Red Pill says:

I respect trying to make sense of a culture and trying to learn from it or help others but there may jus be a little over-intellectualizing here because before the Peace, Unity and  Love Message from Bambaataa and change the world agenda, it was really jus about getting 2 turntables, a mic, dancing and having fun. I guess there's unity in that but really, if anything it was jus something, at most, an outlet/artform to express oneself as we all find the need to do. No need to glamourize or romanticize it, as Hip Hop is really mostly jus exploitation these days.

Jesse and Roman Cerna says:

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codymusic says:

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daveth3king says:

I appreciated by your video.

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The Experience says:

I love your video it was Awesome. Check out my channel.

Gary Smith says:

Whats the song in the background from 12:30 to round 13:00?

Yama Bushido says:

No hip hop is the promotion of prostitution, gang violent, rape, drug dealing and how to degrade women

Saphir D'or says:

Hold up. This Global Grind dude, can stop with all that misrepresentation of our culture. That pushing racial boundary's would be the greatest gift to the world? White America peering into a black perspective? There were a lot more people living in the cities then that. Hip Hop, back then if you saw a white kid, a Spanish kid and a black kid hanging out together, you KNEW they were Hip Hoppas.  

Because this culture ORIGINALLY broke down not only the gangs but the racial barriers. Everyone has a struggle. You can't say all blacks had it bad, all whites had it good. Everyone on both sides had it both bad and good.

A lot of mixed messages on here with some of these fools. You've got outsiders looking in trying to talk about our Culture but getting it mixed up with Mainstream product and exploitation, then Hip Hoppas talking about our culture. 

Other then all this, big up from Nairobi Kenya. Big up blessed Mr. Tyson inside. The documentary was still pretty big. 

DobroBad says:


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