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David Banner on The Rock Newman Show

The God Box himself Mr. David Banner joins Rock Newman at WHUT Studios at Howard University. Accomplishments Galore when it comes to Mr. Banner. Artist, Actor, Activist and Entrepreneur just scratches the surface of this extraordinary individual and we get into all that one hour allows (easily a 3 hour show) on this episode of The Rock Newman Show.

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blackericdenice says:

I can't respect a man who believes in god.

gettnitn 918 says:


Cdee Wood says:

He is SOOOO right about HBCU I had literally the WORST year ever at one. It was basically ran by tons of boule

Phillip Thompson says:

all the answers we need are in the Bible it's our history book before they turned it into a religion we are the Israelites God's chosen people who lost their heritage and language due to the fact that we did not keep Gods Commandments that he gave to us only we are serving a punishment. we have our savior the man they called Jesus the Christ who is a so called black man from the tribe of Judah the same tribe as the black Americans . they don't hate us they hate God in the fact that he chose us as his chosen people read the Bible it's there stop looking in these other books

MrBOASTMAN32 says:

banner spittin a bunch of woo woo. that new age spirituality. That's just as empty as the religion he is borrowing it from.

God JUDA says:

I agree 100% with David, but David fail to realize that our ancestors been here is the main reason our identities have been taken and erased from the books. He forget that white people ran from European rule which brought them to western lands. Remember Europeans gained control of North Africa due to its rich lands and resources. Pay attention… White American immigrants fought against European power to gain access to their independence. Whites escaped from European rule. Now knowing North Africa and the Oceans were under French and British control, Why would they travel months across the Oceans to bring slaves back from the motherland and their were already migration settled in the Americas of not only Africans, but Mongoleans, Spaniards, Asians, and other cultures as well which were also forced into slavery? People speak, but only speculate from the history books white America want us to believe without uncovering the blind truth. Fredrick Douglas, George Washington Carver, etc. were free in America, but these weren't their actual names. This is what they want us to believe. I am a descendant of the Blackfoot Indian tribe who were black indians, but white people stripped their identities and integrated their bloodline cause their skin weren't white enough just as the Europeans did other cultures wiping their identities by integration. Egypt for example. Egyptians were black, but were integrated and invaded for their land's riches and resources. Just as the real Jews who were actually black identity, and wealth were taken from them and were forced into poverty and labeled as low level Jews. This world is sad and what white people have done to rewrite history to make themselves dominate is sad.

Patricia Coleman says:

I love black men who love their community. This is why I will never jump on the feminist train because I am for all of our people.

Coco Ward says:

Loving the GOD in me…

Jelani Daniel says:

Great interview……You can't ask for Power..Jelani Daniel

Derby James says:

That "Evil Enevil" is HOT FIRE!

Illapuproductions says:

I migos would watch this interview.

antelligentdesigns says:


L.C. Smith says:

God bless both these men …this really touched me

John Blowmoney says:

" Lives and Finances is the only thing white supremacy respects " – David Banner

NappyHalo says:

I like his glasses. They look good on him.

G Thug says:

Great interview thanks rock an David Banner so inspirational

Marcos Cope says:

What he saying is true I have had the opportunity to travel to other countries outside the US and the images they have of black men is crazy especially in Asian countries all they know is what they see on TV.

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