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Is Hip Hop Promoting Demasculinizing The Urban Male?


WWETV - | Urban Media says:

Gonna share this with our visitors DJ Akademiks

DreDay16 says:

Nas said it in 2006 “Hip Hop is DEAD”. I only listen to the old school hip
hop, now I am listening to Spanish Rap. Spanish rap is just like the old
hip hop (nothing but hard lyrics). You said it yourself, there are too many
beta males and no alpha males. Alpha males are becoming extinct. We have
too many indians and not enough chiefs. 

xman8109 says:

The CENTRAL BANK SYSTEM is throwing some bull shit on the young black man.
That whiteboy, and you know which white boy that I am speaking of. They
don’t want to see the likes of Malcolm X, Ali, Tupok etc,. The powers that
be are trying to keep the black community unconsciously sleep, and none
procreative. Because once the black man wakes up and starts to LOVE HIS
BROTHER, AND SISTER. Then starts to build his community, and stops
ridiculing his self. The fate of injustice will be over. The prision
system WILL BE BROKE. Not to mention the economy.

TheRealBCereus says:

Demonic Tutu’s lol

william crippington says:

Damn idk…. All I could say is what the fuck are they thinking.

Rene Valdez says:

Homies over Hoes seems to be the “in” thing now.

Leon Wallace says:

For centuries men and women actually dressed identical, Jesus wore a robe.

YungBrooklynTv says:

I’m in New York and it’s telling me not available in this country for some
strange reason @latenightcreep

YungBrooklynTv says:

It says it not available in this country

Arfaan Bashir says:

No it’s the gay artist that are doing that

nikkiashful says:

Feminizing Black males is definitely being pushed through the hip hop
culture. I mean think about; they KNOW that young, Black males, and females
as well, eat this lifestyle up. The deeper root to the problem is the
presence of Black males in the household. Majority of these young males are
without a father present, so that leads them to looking at their favorite
rapper as a role model. Also, statistics show that the consumers of the
music are between the ages of 12-16. Obviously, they are EXTREMELY
impressionable. However, we cannot blame all of this turmoil on rappers. As
a community, Black people except anything these days and are not willing to
raise their kids. I’m not gay bashing at all. I know a lot of strong, Black
gay males who are still men. I mean the skirts, heels, and nail polish why?
Also, this is not a good message to our young black women. How are they
supposed to know what a man is if the man is borrowing shit out of their
closet. Thank God my father was present. 

Big L RIP says:

Dumb late…Cam’ron started this shit…

M.I.C. Smith says:

I think your right about this, been saying this for years!

Ernest Frausto says:

They definitely pushing homosexuality into the hip-hop culture which is a
shame man!

MrHakla1 says:

GON BE [email protected] NOW?!!

TOTCD says:

The boondocks really were ahead of their time.
They saw this coming.

drewdogg513 says:

well. it started from kriss kross with the pants wearing all down to cam
ron with the pink now the dresses never thought hip hop will ever come
this far damn.

Torian Jenkins says:

Fabolous album might be my LAST RAP ALBUM PERIOD! I can’t take this shit no
more!!! Pac and big rolling with disgust in their graves right now!!!!

jordan clark says:



wtf is this?? why?


The game is turn into straight faggots cuz this shit is really going to far
you and yo girl wearing matching outfits in shit. I feel there are to many
followers in hip hop and not enough people leading the game the way they
want but fuck it im just wait for all those in da closet rappers/thugs to
come out the closet and stop playing the middle man. So the women came kno
who the real men are and not these booty loose niggas 

Ricky Henderson says:

A bunch of homosexual.

SKYRULE-49 says:


blackhugo20011 says:

bs their pushing the gay agenda . throwing boy pussy songs wtf. it wouldnt
have happned in the 90’s

Lone God says:

growing up as a lil nigga i use think 50 cent dmx the lox jay z trick daddy
etc were the hardest niggas in the world but this new generation of rap are
soft my lil nephew is 12 and he said he would bitch smack all the rappers
of today lol

Brayan Hernandez says:

Maybe the new season of the boondocks may tell what will happen next in hip

jfraz1992 says:

it ain’t hiphop its these corporate niggas behind it! that shit ain’t
hiphop smfh 


We don’t have to listen or support that bullshit i dam sure won’t 

Daylen washington says:

I listen to old school rap now, I don’t get down with this new style unless
its nas Kendrick or j Cole

melvin crews says:

My head hurt 

DJ Akademiks says:

We don’t have to listen or support that bullshit i dam sure won’t 

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