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Spike Lee Tirade Against Gentrification ‘Get the F.. Outta Here’ Pratt Institute lecture Brooklyn NY


TheLusianPopa says:

just because blacks have been in a neighbourhood for a long time doesnt
mean they are allowed to be noisy and shit.And harlem wasnt even a black
neighbourhood initially, they moved there in the 20s .Spanish harlem was
really Italian harlem back then, do you think italina liked how they pushed
out of manhattan by latinos after WW2?they didnt.NYC is a city in permanent
change, buildings get torn and hi-rises built in their place, ethnic,
religious,racial groups move in/out of hoods in time…yhou think the ppl
in tribeca ,soho, LES…liked how their hoods have become so expensive in
the space of a single generation?they were decaying factories in the 60s
now yount move there unless your a fucking millionaire..gentrification
doest eliminate good ppl out of hoods, it eliminates the drug dealling
thugs.Those arent a loss…

Judy G says:

Spike lee is a thug pos

king81992 says:

Spike Lee speaks the truth.These hipsters come come to New York City
disrespect the people who lived there for years,commit crimes in these
neighborhoods and get away with it.I’ve seen it because I live in Brooklyn.

vegastyphoon says:

I’m surprised that Spike knows what Gentrification means…
242 views now. Such an important man, huh

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