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Jack Welch ready to embrace the power of the question mark in future tweets!/andersoncooper/status/254377871357923329

On Friday, former GE chief Jack Welch ignited a firestorm hate and accusations of “Jobs Report Trutherism” when he tweeted his suspicion that the September jobs report was manipulated by “Chicago guys.”

Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can't debate so change numbers

— Jack Welch (@jack_welch) October 5, 2012

As Twitchy reported, Welch was backed up by Rep. Allen West, Laura Ingraham and others. Steve Forbes offered his support as well.

Welch is right. "@jack_welch: Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can't debate so change numbers"

— Steve Forbes (@SteveForbesCEO) October 5, 2012

In an interview with Anderson Cooper Friday night, Welch defended his criticism of the “implausible” job numbers, but suggested that a little question mark would have gone a long way.

"I should have used a question mark….I'm not changing my tweet." – @jack_welch

— Elisa (@elisa) October 6, 2012

Evidently a question mark wouldn’t have held back the tide of Welch bashing.

@AC360 @andersoncooper @jack_welch @CNN A question mark isn't a sufficient qualifier.

— Goldie Taylor (@goldietaylor) October 6, 2012

@jack_welch adding a question mark to the tweet doesn't reduce your paranoia. It just makes you look more passive aggressive

— Randall Arnold (@texrat) October 6, 2012

Cannot believe Jack Welch made that statement. Where would you have placed the question mark, Jack? Still would be an irresponsible remark.

— Marjorie S Wharton (@MarjorieWharton) October 6, 2012

Jack Welch is an assclown? (see, it's okay if I use a question mark!) #WelchQuestions

— John Hlinko (@jhlinko) October 6, 2012

No @jack_welch, a question mark wouldn't have made it better. You shouldn't have said it at all. #moneycantbuyyouclass

— Madelyn (@maddy_smiles) October 6, 2012

@jack_welch putting a question mark changes nothing. You are thowing out a phase that encompasses all racist names. SIMPLE MINDED people

— Melinda Veirs (@Spiritwoman1) October 6, 2012

@andersoncooper tweet from @jack_welch needed more than a question mark. I'd settle for long form certification of sanity @AC360 He's done.

— MKSinSA (@mksinsa) October 6, 2012

@jack_welch Why not join @DonaldTrump & the Birthers. Sorry, implication is not dependent on a question mark. SO disrespectful

— Julliana (@Turnedsideways) October 6, 2012

Watch Cooper’s conversation with Welch here:

.@AC360 VIDEO: @Jack_Welch Defends His Tweet, Says He Should Have Added a Question Mark

— CNN Public Relations (@CNNPR) October 6, 2012

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