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Jadakiss on The Combat Jack Show Ep. 1 (Differences Between Rap Today and Rap in the Mid-90’s)


ToroidalVortexLove says:


tweeze2700 says:

Yo just blaze nah. I dont like your skinny ass shirt a jaddakiss KURUPT
woulda killed u in the 90 s shinnypants lol fuck Jcole and drake all these
kidz wack .

MrIlleism says:

This show is much better than breakfast club and all the other shit out

Rich-E Rich says:

they can’t stop jada

marshbey says:

when jada drop “Why”, you still had some good music out. You could turn on
bet and see some hood shit and real hip hop. But right after Kissed asked
Why?, that was the end of real hip hop.

Eric Matthews says:

Just blaze sometimes you just need to fall back and let combat ask the
questions. It’s call the combat jack show not just show. I say that out of

Kevin Fisher says:


oyeniyi shagun says:

a nigga like jada and no disrespect to him … he is not objective he knows
most of the rap music that is out is wack he just afraid of being black

tear from the clouds says:

a good interview…

Gen martinsjr says:

Top 5 dead or alive no lie!! my best rapper ever ever!!

Stagg Gz says:

Kiss Got Drones!

Alex B says:

clown dude said. give me the tape worm ahahha 

Cassidy dahustlaVEVO says:

bring cassidy 

Martha Catoe says:

Jadakiss my niggia but where styles p at 

Dannunaki says:

What a load of shit sign your little shuckin and Jivin 360 deals and let
those Corporate racist Whitey motherfuckers rape you up you ass. It’s as
simple as that. Jadakiss is so full of shit in this interview. Mufucka said
he was a SLAVE FOR INTERSCOPE in “Rite where U Stand” From the Gangstarr
Owners album.

North Trenton New Jersey says:

They need to put this show on Revolt TV.

mexia23 says:

That song did make you think about a lot of shit that was happening at that

BigG Bucks says:

Better than gay breakfast club forreal

GuidoAnchovy B says:

Lol jadakiss is trash

Dreamer XL says:

why was a crazy record man, he killed that joint 

Tony Bryant says:

“Kiss you got drones ?” LMFAO

Complex | Making Culture Pop says:
oyeniyi shagun says:

u see the music that is in the mainstream is a dead type of music … im
from the 90’s era cause all because i dont like most of the rap music that
is on now …it does it mean that im stuck in the 90’s i like emcees like
kendrick , school boy , troy ave , danny brown , currency … 

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