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LPT: Unlimited free combos from Mcdonald's.


pokemaster says:

I’m lovin’ this.

IndieHipster says:

Wilford Brimley gives this post a downvote

ayebrows says:

I do the same with Wendy’s. Gotta use a different email each time, though. But that’s why god made temp email addresses.

piratepocketknife says:

Unlimited free diarrhea from McDonalds

lookinforcutekittypictures says:

Nope. But I love it!

Fortune090 says:

As per the line “with the Purchase of a Large Sandwich!” But still, that’s ~$3 off every time you go.

Skelezombiewolfensteinmonsteresquirethethird says:

Except theres a code on the receipt you have to punch in that only works once..

letsplaymanhunt says:

Soon: Diabetes

luckyflavor23 says:

after a bad night out: Cheese burger happy meal with Big Mac Sauce & the boy toy cuz i want to shoot disks out of a watch not a stupid doll

Stoneyranger says:

Ba da ba da daaa! I’m dying from it!

imboredatwork says:

So if a reply to top comment gets more votes than the comment itself, it shows automatically. But does it work for a reply to a reply (1/2)

imboredatwork says:

of a top comment? (2/2)

imboredatwork says:

If so, how far does it go? (3/2)

thejuanrodriguez says:

i usually pass out… and the hate myself when i wake up…

5773onthewall says:

No, but if America is dumb enough to do this … it’s certainly what America deserves

HeyOP says:

Yes, because saving money on food is stupid. Fuck coupon clippers too!

zeronial says:

It’s not the receipt that America needs, but the one America deserves.

LizBoo says:

I wasn’t begging for upvotes obviously that’s not a very good comment is it? I just wanted the person to see it because it’s annoying.

HeyOP says:

1) Samsung is not going to be broken by this verdict 2) Was “we’re trying to break competitors” in the original complaint?

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