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Martech news roundup: GA Audiences in Salesforce, Knotch + Contentsquare funding, IBM iX + Sitecore partnership

In our roundup of last week’s martech news, we highlight:

  • Google Analytics 360 audiences will be available in Salesforce Marketing Cloud in the next two weeks.
  • Knotch rasied $20M Series B funding for its content marketing intelligence platform.
  • Contentsquare raised $60M Series C to better understand digital interactions.
  • IBM iX and Sitecore announced a new partnership to provide better customer experience.

Top stories in marketing technology last week:

Google Analytics 360 audiences available in Salesforce Marketing Cloud in next two weeks

What it is

Google posted a blog announcing that the promised Google Analytics 360 audiences will be available for activation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud in the next two weeks (as of January 31).

This plan has been in the works since last year.

Why it matters

What will change?

Marketers using Salesforce Marketing Cloud will have more ability to target their audiences.

Google Analytics has at least 250 site engagement dimensions and metrics to target customers via various communications medium. Which means marketers can select recipients based on much more advanced metrics, and ultimately send more relevant messages.

Secondly, the integration will bring deeper campaign reporting about those audiences.

Knotch gets $20M Series B funding for content marketing intelligence

What it is

Knotch is a New York-based content intelligence platform that “helps CMOs and their teams measure and impact the outcome of their content efforts via real-time, actionable intelligence across all of their content investment.”

Their products range from discovering topics and formats to understanding performance to measuring ROI of various content investments.

Customers include JP Morgan Chase, AT&T, Ally Bank, Ford, Calvin Klein and Salesforce.

Last week, they announced $20 million Series B funding.

With this round of funding, GroupM’s former Chief Digital Officer Rob Norman will join Knotch’s board of directors.

Their total funding comes to $34 million.

Why it matters

Content marketing has been gaining quite some traction over the last couple years, particularly recently.

Importantly, marketers are moving from simply a rat race to “produce the most content.” Now, we care more about making sure that content is what audiences search for, and being able to correctly measure ROI of the investment.

Contentsquare raises $60M Series C to better understand digital interactions

What it is

Contentsquare “helps you understand how and why your users are interacting with your app, mobile, and websites.”

So for all marketers who have ever asked, “What is the secret behind conversions?” they would try to answer that.

They track “billions of digital touch and mouse movements” to help brands figure out how to increase engagement, reduce costs, and maximize conversion rates.

To do this, they have solutions such as “advanced session replay,” “zone-based heatmaps,” “mindset methodology,” and “AI insights and alerts.”

Their customers include Walmart, Samsung, Sephora, Tiffany, LVMH, AccorHotels, Goldman Sachs, Avis, GoPro, Ikea, and Nissan, among others.

Why it matters

Again, marketers are looking for more science behind their investments.

According to Contentsquare, that comes down to fine-tuned measures of engagement like hesitation and friction.

This is a company that has grown fast — they already have four global offices: New York, London, Paris, and Munich. And their total funding is $120 million since 2016.

IBM iX and Sitecore announce new partnership

What it is

Sitecore is a leader in digital experience management software. They recently announced a new global partnership with IBM iX.

With this agreement, IBM iX clients will get access to Sitecore’s CMS, commerce, and marketing tools.

Why it matters

What makes IBM iX and Sitecore a good team? In short, IBM iX gives the consulting, design, development, the implementation. Sitecore brings the technical solution.

Together, the hope is that they’ll provide better customer experience.

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