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MEMORY LANE: Nas Remembers Illmatic Moments With Faith Newman Part III | The Producers


Walter White says:

she wants nas

TheDelzShow says:

this is so awesome

christian Jones says:

that girl cant be hittin the g pen b4 interviews

leavemeyou says:

she was like thats where you made new york state of mind nas was like na na
no lol

leavemeyou says:

if you watch this video she has no idea at the begining nas is talking
about how its a good thang he got to work with the other producers. She
trys read nas’s face and act sad. then she says they needed to work with
Nas. Hell no! its not that at all nas needed them. Gotta love Nas mature
handling retard girl.

Woofer Cooker says:

neeed part 44444444 this is classic shit man nas is the greatest, one of
the only guy’s to never change who he really is. give ppl like jay z his
props but people from the streets can no longer relate to who he is nas is
still the same old g.

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