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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap, Lavender Scent, 12.5 ounce bottle (Pack of 3)

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day hand soaps are specifically made to clean and freshen hands without drying, while also providing a special, singular scent for your entire home. Lavender has long been prized for its original and clean floral scent. Such a pretty and reassuring herb! This hard-working hand soap formula contains olive oil, aloe vera, and essential oils, that clean and freshen hands. These thoughtfully chosen ingredients create a non-drying yet softening soap for busy hands. Made without parabens, phthalates, animal-derived ingredients, and always a cruelty free soap. Also available in other garden inspired scents and products such as body lotions, laundry detergents, candles, and so much more! Mrs. Meyer’s – rooted in goodness.

Product Features

  • Hard working, non drying soap for busy hands
  • Hand soap made with essential oils, aloe vera, olive oil, and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients
  • Garden fresh lavender has an original and clean floral scent
  • Thoughtfully chosen ingredients with no parabens, phthalates , or artificial colors
  • Mrs. Meyer’s produces cruelty free hand soap. None of our products are tested on animals

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Anonymous says:

great soap, terrible pump I’ve bought a lot of this hand soap. I love the soap but, in my experience, the pumps fail about half the time. They fail so often that I have learned to save a good one when I find it and use it on the next bad one.Problems with the pumps include:1. Won’t press down at all/jammed2. Presses down but never gets suction so no product3. Sticks as you press it so that you can never get a small amount, it comes gushing out whenever it finally pushes down4…

Anonymous says:

Love the smell of this soap! Love the smell of this soap!Since college I’ve had allergies to different soaps, detergents, and perfumes. Finding this soap – and at a great price here – made me happy. I usually pay more for it – and it is worth it. You get a whiff of lavender each time you press the pump – but it is subtle and not overwhelming at all. Honestly, it makes me smile. The other soaps – basil, mint, etc. are nice too – I have the basil in my kitchen – but this is the nicest scent. The soap also lasts a…

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