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Pepperidge Farm, Milano, Cookies, Dark Chocolate, 15 oz., Multi-pack, Tub, 20-count

About Pepperidge Farm: For us, baking is more than a job. It’s a real passion. Each day, our bakers take the time to make every cookie, pastry, cracker, and loaf of bread the best way they know how – by using simple, quality ingredients. Baking requires knowledge of the craft, a spirit of exploration and, inspired ideas. At Pepperidge Farm, we have been honing and perfecting our chosen craft for generations, and our bakers care deeply about what that means. It’s the little things that make simple food taste special. We believe in doing things right, and we just happen to love it. The Milano cookie is a Pepperidge Farm classic: simple and elegant. It’s the perfect balance of crisp, exquisite cookies and luxuriously rich chocolate – in irresistible varieties to match any mood. Try Dark Chocolate Milano cookies in a convenient 2-pack for a truly indulgent treat anytime, anywhere.

Product Features

  • 2 cookies in each convenient pack (20 total)
  • Luxuriously rich Dark Chocolate
  • Crisp and exquisite
  • Baked with care
  • The perfect on-the-go treat

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Anonymous says:

I love these cookies! Get them at Costco 🙂

Anonymous says:

Cookies are smaller than the paper package ones from the grocery store Ordered these as a subscribe and save item because they were a cheap way to get to 5 items for the month and the 15% discount. My wife likes these cookies, and they came neatly packaged and very fresh.However, these are smaller cookies than the ones that you may be familiar with in the paper package at the grocery store. They taste exactly the same but are around 1/2 the size. Neither the Amazon listing nor the packaging was clear to me about this (although I may have missed…

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