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My Sister’s Lies: A gripping and heartbreaking story of love, loss and dark family secrets for 2019

The USA Today and Kindle Top #25 Bestseller

‘A real tear-jerker’ THE SUN

‘A stunning read’ MIRANDA DICKINSON

For a decade, Hannah’s life has been pretty close to perfect – she has a great job, she’s married to Mark, and her child-free existence means she’s free as a bird. The only sadness in her life is a fall-out with her sister Diane, who hasn’t spoken to her in over ten years. But now Diane is on her doorstep – and this time, she’s got her teenage daughter Mia in tow.

When Diane asks if Mia can stay with Hannah and Mark for a few days, Hannah is glad of the chance to get to know her niece. But as the days turn into weeks and Diane doesn’t return, Hannah begins to worry. Why hasn’t her sister been in touch?

Diane is carrying a devastating secret that will destroy Hannah’s carefully constructed life. But how much is she willing to reveal – and when will she pick her moment?

An emotional story that delves into the true meaning of family, sisterhood and secrets. Perfect for fans of Kerry Fisher’s The Silent Wife and Hannah Beckerman’s If Only I Could Tell You.

More praise for My Sister’s Lies:

‘Unputdownable. A real page-turner.’  Maria Felix Vas, BBC Radio Lancashire

‘You don’t realise how quickly this story draws you in and then takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride.’ Welsh Country Magazine

‘A tender and beautifully told heart-tugging story.’ Caroline England, bestselling author of My Husband’s Lies

‘With great skill and humour S.D. Robertson guides us through a minefield of family misunderstandings and discontent. I’m not sure I’ve seen such dynamics tackled better.’ Stewart Foster, author of The Bubble Boy

‘Mind-blowing … I cannot express just how much this book has gripped me!’  Cara’s Book Boudoir

‘S.D. Robertson writes excellent books about messy lives and true emotions and My Sister’s Lies is no exception.’  Books of All Kinds

‘A perfectly executed story and a great read.’  Reading, Willing & Able

‘A really fascinating study into the vagaries of family life.’  Jaffareadstoo

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Anonymous says:

Dirty pool Why doesn’t the author tell us the sisters were IDENTICAL TWINS until after one of them is dead? Part of the fun of reading a mystery is trying to guess the ending. Without knowing the twin factor, it’s impossible to figure out the ending. The book was also way too long due to repetitions, over analysis, and useless scenes. For example, what was the purpose of Mia and Todd stealing booze, then not drinking it. Go figure. And will Mark ever reveal his paternity? I got so frustrated by…

Anonymous says:

Skip it. two of the most common, basic pieces of advice that writers get, from a very early age, are “write what you know,” and “show, don’t tell.”This author would have benefited to take heed of any of that.It’s like he pulled random topics from a jar and was told to use them in a story, the way third graders have to use each vocabulary word in a sentence. And rather than letting us infer anything from the characters’ actions, he just tells us what they’re thinking/feeling, switches what…

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