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NOASB vs MAAB “Battle of The Gulf Coast” 2014 FULL BATTLE


TheTrumpet101 says:

Camera man is too damn close!!!

babyboy478 says:

They both sound ridiculously horrible. 

Marcuss Smith says:

Events like this need to be outside ,not in a gym wher the sound cant
travel. Its all clusterd. Shoutout to MAAB JSU

TheElectricx ShinesX says:

What is the song that new orleans played @ 9:28

Paul Mccormick says:

do u really gotta hang over every damn song omg dat shit slaw af

Kolbe Course says:

Yo baby boy maab will blow yo band and noasb

R033zy says:

31:45 LMAO fail

Brian Hawkins says:

@57:11 What is the name of that song MAAB played it last year?

Antuan Capers says:


tee jay says:

95% of the time MAAB not hitting the screaming notes, and its simple notes
like high F

Jay R. Diggem says:

the roof!!!!!..only old heads know that 1 @ 32.00

pvscreama010 says:

@R033zy lmboooo same thing i said….aint gone be noneof that from HUMB

Cary Shief says:

whats the song noasb played @10:55

ReceyMM says:

Wats the song at 17:59 song?

Davian Yarbrough says:

Like wise 

Marvin Price says:

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