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Prof.Griff & Zaza Ali discuss #myNYPD Twitter Disaster & Police Brutality


Arius Black says:

BLK ppl need to ask why the NYPD has a satellite department in Tel Aviv

worldwidefreakshow says:

I was quite disappointed about the vast majority of this conversation.
(I’ve thus far always enjoyed listening to Prof Griff) But these people
are speaking from beyond the limit of their experience, and assuming the
rest. How are they to know what’s in the hearts and minds of whites or
blacks or latinos or anyone else? How arrogant to assume to know the mind
of each and every individual as a uniformity based upon nothing more than
the color of their skin and the false perception given by the media which
we ALL know is corrupted and agenda driven and hellbent on
causing/continuing racial divisionism. (yes, ism) If you WANT respect, you
gotta GIVE respect, (I know that’s shitty, but it’s how it works) and while
constantly referring to white people with a variety of persistently
derogatory terms may sell well in “minority” markets, it is two steps
backward on the quest for a shared unity among all peoples of this country
regardless of color. (specifically rednecks: that’s from working the
field hard all day out in the harsh sun everyday to provide needed
foodstuffs for all people, stick with honky or kracker or white trash or
w/e else, but don’t disparage the growers)
Blacks, hispanics, asians, people of color in America have had a
disproportionate amount of the police corruption, abuse, murder etc… but
you must know that you are not as alone as you feel, or claim, or maybe
even see. The minorities were the test market for “police state” abuse for
three very simple reasons: 1.) The government was all or mostly white when
this all started. 2.) The minorities were (quite obviously) the minority
of the population (better to piss on the little guy than on the giant)
3.) Minority populations are virtually “disarmed” in comparison the vast
majority of “white america”. You didn’t (and don’t) have enough guns to
keep them “afeared” of you. This abuse that minorities “test marketed” for
the controllers has steadily moved out into white society as well. There
are lots of examples of this these days easy to find on youtube. We should
all be able to agree that the majority cops of America are out of control
dangerous psychopathic monsters and all of our society should stand up in
unison and declare “No More”. But, instead, we fall into the same old game
of divide and conquer, disparage and derange, dis and dominate, name and
blame, and inevitably “the man” comes in with the same tired old
problem-reaction-extortion. And we fall for it!, every time! We seriously
need to stop playing their games.

alilprincess22 says:

I live in PA. My husband had a body warrant for a fine he needed to pay
and the constable came to my home. My husband and I heard someone calling
out from our living room. No one was here to let him in and he said our
door was open which I guess gave them the right to just come on in. Anyway
they told my husband that he has to pay X amount of dollars or come with
them. My husband said he’ll give them the money but the one constable
decides he’s going to search my home. He came into my bedroom where I was
half naked trying to get dressed. I asked him if I could put my clothes on
and he said after I’m done looking around. He didnt have a search warrant
or anything and of course there is nothing I can do about our 4th amendment
rights have been violated. I hate this country and I’m tired of them
thinking they can just do what they want.


Listen I’m focus on hat they’re doing to black people and nobody
else….second, with or without Barack Obama , these parasites are gonna do
what ever….

MotherCivilization says:

Always a great show… Jewels dropped

Psyke Sconi says:

A young black guy in Detroit killed 2 white officers & they to kill to jail
he had a kidney missing & part of his liver missing. His name was Eric
Marshall if you dont believe me.Google this please

illyal55 says:

thank you

Hebrew Executioner says:

fake jewish write the police code of conduct…ever see a colored person
get highways and by ways shut down because of a shooting, jewish ppl can
and have, recognize your enemy, for them to be so smart they talk about
jewish ppl as if they were historically white, they are and have always
been the synagogue of Satan. the only facts that jews are white are in the
books they wrote and edited themselves

starwatcher sun says:

lolol so NYPD PR department lolol accidentally exposed the abuse and


Tricia Richardson says:

have anyone heard about the white supremacy ranch in Nevada? they grouping
and on the move. Blacks must wake up and Unite. We (BLACKS) are the number
one people they FEAR. 

hit9434 says:

Wat u mean how they no wats in the heart of white people, are u
serious…white people are devils we see wats in their heart everyday….

Abornazine M says:

Its funny how the NYPD though know one was going to post anything about
police brutality..smh.

Floyd Topps says:

We all feel like this!!;like I keep saying thy have contempt for people of
color, look how thy treat us,I have no love for the police,I stay away from
them,thugs with a gun;danger,danger,dangerous!!.

cincy d says:

I love 2 hear griff and zaza speak.I loved the fact tht people dropped
shade on the nypd 4 da whole world 2 c.

benny taylor says:

Don’t be surprised about this police brutality. Because this is what they
do. They use excess force to quall the people. Fuck them fight back stand
up against them. But you say violence only begets more violence. So what’s
the solution? 

E.J. Craig says:

Sister ZaZa Ali got it wrong on the Oakland Riders doing this in 2012 they
did that punk shit back in 2001. I’m from Oakland and I remember that
coward bitch shit that they did! They got off in court also even though one
of the “Riders” got scared and ran to fucking Mexico which should have made
the Oakland Riders case look super weak and super suspicious in court! The
Oakland Riders getting off in court was the worst misjustice of police
officers getting off in the entire city of Oakland! Fuck the Riders!!!

willie clemons says:

just think one day all the people of earth stop buying for one day thats
all it will take we are all in this together
sep 1

Kevin Rodwell says:

I can’t get enough of these two. Gotta love the knowledge that is being
presented, hopefully we’ll wake-up before it’s too late. 

kushiteprince says:

Great upload brother! Griff and Zaza have some great topics. I’ve spoken
with Griff a few times. He has some DEEP knowledge! And Zaza is my girl!

Masa Hotep says:

Speak truth to power. 

The Prince Report says:

Thanks for bringing a voice to this +blackmagik363. It is always great to
hear from Prof. Griff and Zaza Ali.

jamkillumi says:

I’m really enjoying these segments with Professor Griff and Zaza Ali, I
look forward to hearing them every week. Keep up the good work!
A listener from the UK

blackmagik363 says:
blackmagik363 says:
letsgetinfo says:

I think this was just to test the post of the people, even though the
communist diblasio is in power, it worked the result is that people hate
the nypd, they don’t today then, you will probably see some outreach
programs now for the summer

blackmagik363 says:
scott prendergast says:

a lil princess If you hate this country so much you aren’t exactly being
held- as a matter.of.fact + if a real and.actual q.and a was.given to the
majority of american citizens- who incidentally.just happen to be.white-
they ( the majority.perhaps?) might wish that you actually.did.leave-
and.would.probably suggest you bring a.few.other “people”.with you- sad but
a.harsh fact- and things will get more stringent as
takes place* and it.won’t just be blacks being harrassed by whites and
their latino boot licking “lackeys” 

Amenti Thewriter says:

Yes this is the funniest thing ever #Amentithewriter #TempleRadio #GCode

Jthrillz728 says:

” The Glass Shield ” 1995 .

edward Matthews says:

Put them on call from home who else gets paid for standing around,you
clowns deserve what they dish out if you dont do anything about it.

scott prendergast says:

wrong zaza or whatever the police force was started here in
ny when it eas amsterdam under the dutch- and they were referred
tonas the watchmen of new amsterdam- and they.carried green glass.lanterns
– which to this day can still be seen outside every precinct- there
were.a.certain amount- if you wish to know just count the.points on the
patrolmans cap. that representa either.districts.or.numbers of watchman- u erroneous info- the thugs you speak of are.just that. white yes
and THUGS yes
that.were hired to round up errant blacks who ran off

Jthrillz728 says:

All black people who intend on pursuing to be a police officer all should
watch the movie ” The Shield ” before applying in my opinion .

edward Matthews says:

Man the host sounds so dissmal splash some water over your face.

Claude Conkrite says:
blackmagik363 says:
Dawít Maasíax Yisrael Ankhenaten Dejené says:

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