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Professor griff and Black Dot speak on Stripper Culture, DMX/Zimmerman fight, and Cultural vampires


blackmagik363 says:
jfraz1992 says:

where did they talk about cultural vampires???

Laje Reine says:

+aryan flyer LOL I dont wear weave

Claude Conkrite says:
Teresa Brown says:

You can inform a lot of blacks about not part taking to certain music how
ever there are lots of Mexicans hat listens to hip hop r&b and supports big

blackmagik363 says:
Bacan Moreno says:

Good discussion.

blackmagik363 says:
David Williams says:

Brother Rich is cool with his questions.

ASouthernWriter (JJTV) says:


Virgo Rising says:
estellelight says:

The real tragedy is that Black people support these “cultural bandit”
Neanderthals and too many are so quick to classify them as Black or “being
down” with Black people. Do Your part and do NOT acknowledge these
“cultural bandits”! Boycott and do not let your own black people dupe you
into accepting them. For example, let Dr. Dre Frankenstein push his monster
Eminem onto white people – Do Not listen to the music, do not download it,
do not go to the concerts or applaud them when they are showcased on so
called black forums like the BET awards, 106 & Park or the mulatto run show
The Breakfast Club . Push these “cultural bandit” sabateurs back over to
their white supremacist racist owners.

crazydaysful says:

Eminem will never be a rap “god”…he is okay as a rapper but he is no
king or god either…the same old same crap many years back..Black people
created the dance & music & slang & cool and the whites try to copy it and
are no way better or come close to the good black talent ..but the
non-blacks will make sure they get all the TV time & they own the
businesses & media so they make sure the copycat whites get the praise &
attention when they don’t deserve it most of the time.

Dennis Wilsonforever says:

I like and agree with these men, on most of the words they spoke. I can
never totally agree with anyone lol

sARA cONNA says:
dred brown says:

real dude much luv 

NewH Evolutionist says:

yall need to connect with The Lost Children of Babylon

ben caraballo says:

great video! thanks for uploading!

'eL KAI says:


juaneegee gaines says:

+Haatim Gye Nyame 

Steven Mays says:

That’s That Fire!!!!!!

Zulu Billy says:

I love people of all races and cultures, but I love them because they’re
all different from me, and I’m different from them! Society seems to be
telling us Americans that the only way we can coexist is to homogenize our
cultures, but that’s BS. That will only cause more conflict. The only way
we can coexist is to love each other for who we are! Another thing that
bugs me is when white people act like we’re going to disappear from this
planet if people of other colors continue to increase their populations. As
long as there are white people, there will be white people having white
babies, so whats the big concern? And if black people did rise up against
the oppression they face, I wouldn’t blame them! Ghetto society has been
manufactured. White small town Americans who say all black people are lazy
don’t know that the reason you can’t get a job in the hood is because there
aren’t any, because factories and other job creators only build in white
neighborhoods. The only jobs are fast food and drugs and gangs. But you
can’t blame my fellow small town white Americans, because we’ve been feed
lies by media and movies about black culture for years. I believe many
conflicts in this country have been manufactured by the powers that be, so
that we continue to hate our neighbors, that way we’ll never be able to see
the real enemy behind the curtin, because they know if we did, all humans
would unite and overthrow them. That’s why they hide and use lies, because
they are few and weak, and they know we have the real power! They know if
we united as one race, under love and peace, they could never defeat us!
Every day movies and music remind us that the world is evil and that we are
small, but it’s just more if their lies! Wars are fought by soldiers who
believe they are fighting for god and justice. Both sides murder the other
because of some idea of a “greater good”, but there is no good is killing
another human being, ever! So if you find the world divided soon, no
matter what side you choose, choose peace and love above all else!

Chucky Schetgen says:

its about time i hear someone talkin about this shit man the shit on tv is
fucked up man wtf

trickdaddyaz03 says:

Professor Griff gettin at that subconscious with them anal beeds lmao


DMX should be ashamed to even consider getin in the ring with that sissy
murdering punk!……Hotep Griff Black Dot! 

Ron williams says:

I disagree with them on the stripper topic. Money ya money n feed ya ppl.
But the culture merge topic I definitely co sign

TheCherl88 says:

I agree with Griff. I’m 25 years old and I have no idea what Justin Beiber
does or how he even got to where he is. 

Shanna Jones says:

Tower of Babel !
( Part 2 The End is Upon Us.)

Gathering up all evidence.
Build to see how high.
Can ascend past our death?
Praying to Yawah, we transcend on.
Glory, Glory, Glory praise his Holy Name!
Web of destruction is coming down!
Satan, Lucifer, the Devil about to fall.
Great wonders, he claims under his command.
His self gratification the choir sings.
Crawl to him, worms and snakes are merging.
He is the head, and you ate the tale!
Lies of Fortune Telling Powers.
Dinner of flies, bugs, and human sacrifice.
LET SHE, how high this tower goes!

Baal, Baal, He comes HELL!!!

haleyunderrated says:

i love these questions.

kingpiccolo colin says:

LOL just when jb , miley were mentioned , black dot and griff were like ”
off topic” or ” oh not these clowns again”

Batista Israel says:

good brothers man I’m telling ya its good yall blood

estellelight says:

Thanks to the white feminist agenda that has elevated the whore as a
standard. Notice how females of all nations have fashioned themselves after
the likes of the harlots like Madonna, Kardashions, Myley Cyrus, and let’s
not forget the mulattos like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Halle Berry, Mariah Carey,
and Shakira etc. LOOK on the street and see how many females are dressed
like a $2 whore. It is an eyesore! Black women cover your body up in modest
clothes and stop showing every crack, crevice and fold of your body. Your
husband and/or boyfriend may think it is cute but to the rest of us It is
an EYESORE! Have some dignity!

angel garcia says:

Life changing video 4 me. Thank you professor griff for the info. 

verinb9 says:

Lol the “ASK CIRCLE” Idk but I immediately thought A-S-S. OAN Griff is the

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