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RaaH-Meri JaaN

Written by: Ashaar Azmat and Arafat Rafi Composed by: Ashaar Azmat and Hassan Murad Guitars by: Jibran Mahmood and Adeel (strings) Music by: Dj Ali Mustafa and Adeel (strings) at Digital…

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MrRaaHtheband says:

@natisloo Thanxxx 😉

Rahul Rajput says:

Your voice is really superb – Love from India <3

natisloo says:

What a lovely song 🙂 Very contemporary.. love the rapping and the backing
vocals.. 3:37 KYA BAAT HAI..! 🙂

MrRaaHtheband says:

@rahulrajputjitendrak Thanks a lot do check out all our released songs on
my channel.. 🙂

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