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Real Housewives Of Atlanta After Show Season 6 Episode 12 “Sour Grapes, Sour Peaches” | AfterBuzz TV


Kate Cash. says:

Khandi is trying hard to be relevant this season because Wendy Williams
said she was over paid.

annakfan says:

LOL Love this after show guys, my fave of all the ones I watch. 

Fernando Torres says:

OMG you guys were hilarious. If Kenya can’t even take care of her skin, how
in the HELL is she going to take proper care of a child?! Kenya Moore is
deranged. It’s funny but also concerning. 

tonlo72 says:

OT-has anyone else noticed that all of their houses except for Phaedra &
Kandi seem un-lived in. Over the years every time they show NeNe’s house
she never has family picture on the walls, cabinets & shelves look empty.
When Porsha & Kenya both moved I saw boxes of clothes & little things but
no furniture. The moving truck had like 5 boxes. Their homes look like they
are filled with Rent-A-Center furniture & accessories. 

QGprincess says:

Can’t stand Kenya. Her life must be empty for her to put others down and
for her to get involve other people’s marriage all the time. Someone please
punch her in the face for me. Just one good high five in the face lol.

xKineticSparks says:

Jesse is just beautiful.

Sergio Campos says:

Can someone remind Jessie j that he’s recording and his shouting and
“oooooooohhhhh” are as he likes to say “doing the most”.

tangled55 says:

@18:24″Cuz Porsha looked like she was going to the Grammy’s” lmao hahahaha.
Good one, Stephanie. That is 100% true. 

Didi91388 says:

I’m the one that tried to call in but couldn’t & I really wanted to talk
about this. Y’all can have Kenya, we don’t want her, return to sender.
Everything Kenya does is just her trying to create a storyline. She does
this shit because she has nothing else going on, let me announce I’m going
to have a baby, not pregnant though, just that I’m going to have a baby,
let me make up an African boyfriend, let me talk about Phaedra because
Phaedra has everything I want. Everything about her is fake so I can’t like
this girl at all.

Kandi is not wrong for saying I know things about Peter in the past but I
ain’t going say it. That’s better what than Cynthia did, on the bus ride
Cynthia was saying all this stuff about Todd. If anything Cynthia was in
the wrong. I like Kandi shutting these messy ass women down and standing up
for Todd. That’s what I like about Kandi she’s a real women her and
Phaedra, real down to earth, cool women. Porsha’s cool too, Cynthia was
being messy this episode, NeNe’s alright like 70% of the time, the other
time she’s just full of shit and a hypocrite.

I can’t wait til next week though where we’ll finally see whoever Kandi was
cussing out in the previews, I want it to be Kenya.

longfeatures14 says:

Courtney when you look right into the camera with that face like ‘hm mmm’
hahaha so funny.

Leslie Danyella says:

The struggle ponytail had me dying

Shell A. says:

That was one damn, crazy good episode.

In terms who I’m blaming for all the tea being revealed, I’m blaming
CYNTHIA! Yes I know Stephanie/Courtney, y’all love her but she told it on
Natalie. She always has that one episode a year where, she takes that
producer’s direction and goes running her mouth, lol. She should known by
now those three Kenya, Marlo and/or Nene was going to reveal her mess. And
behold it was Kenya! Kenya loves to expose people’s tea because she loves
that drama and like you all said she’s not trying to loose her job to one
of Nene’s or Cynthia’s friends. Cynthia should had been mindful, but this
isn’t Cynthia’s first rodeo telling on folks before. Remember the party
invite drama between Marlo and Sheree and Phaedra telling her she believed
Kenya was crazy. All these scenarios Cynthia told it. I really hope at
the reunion someone submits a question about Cynthia’s sloppiness when
spilling tea, lol.

I adored that line Kenya said about Natalie’s “marriage” : Your marriage
is a gift certificate. ROFLMAOOOOO!

Thank goodness Kandi stood by her man and defended him to both Natalie and
Cynthia. Cynthia got hot when Kandi said Peter was an opportunist.
Cynthia than had the nerve to say she’s staying out of it. No, boo, you
may not have the right to remain silent, especially how you got messy. She
left her friend all kinds of hanging. And now both Cynthia and Natalie are
going to start mess next week when it comes to telling Peter and
Christopher what happened with Kenya and Kandi’s claims. So messy, but I’m
loving this season!


SOMEBODY on this panel doesn’t have ANY room to talk about someone’s hair.
SOMEONE on this panel needs to borrow Kandi’s turban.

glittered123 says:

Jesse you need to host all these reality shows on Afterbuzz! You are

tonlo72 says:

Can someone please explain to me how Todd became the villain of Atlanta? He
works, treats Kandi well & he’s an opportunist? If anyone is one, it’s
Peter. Compare Todd to the other men on the show: Apollo=ex-con who sent
texts to his wife’s enemy Peter=invested Cynthia’s money for everything,
buys a car without telling her, wants a man cave across town, un-supportive
during her fibroid issues, said he thought about cheating on vacation, rude
to her family. Gregg=blasted his wife on radio, said he wanted every dime
he gave her back. Somehow through all of that, Todd’s the bad guy. Bringing
up what he did in his past relationships was stupid, unless he beat her or
was a criminal who cares what he did 10+ yrs ago? They are all jealous that
Phaedra & Kandi have real careers that will last after the show ends while
the rest of them only have this show.

QGprincess says:

I like Porsha, Phaedra and Kanda group. I’m losing respect for Cynthia, she
seem to stoop low like Kenya. None is the new instigator now. Don’t like
her in this season.

longfeatures14 says:

Guys, you are the best hosts on Afterbuzz….you have such chemistry and
seem like you’re great friends in real life…you’re all hilarious and make
me chuckle to myself in public when I’m listening to the podcast….

shana18ify says:

Porsha’s ex husband Kordell is now dating Towanda Braxton from Braxton
Family Values! Thats kinda odd!

mzsuzuki says:

Kenya said that she didn’t care about Natalie’s gift certificate instead of
marriage certificate. Lol

Joseph Boza says:

If Porsha finally is kicked off the show they should just hire on Marlo.
Marlo doesn’t try and she is a hoot on the show. I am surprised that
Cynthia and Peter made it to their 3rd anniversary with the fact that they
have been fighting due to the illness that Cynthia had. I think Todd might
be an opportunist in Natalie’s mind cause maybe Natalie and Todd used to
date and she is pissed off that Kandi and Todd are an item. Natalie could
be acting like that cause she wants to be a housewife on the show.

mzsuzuki says:

Puzzy like Juicy Fruit Lol…

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