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See How Your March Madness Bracket Stacks Up Against Obama’s


President Barack Obama shoots baskets on the White House basketball court with Justin Friedlander and his family, July 6, 2010.

We know you’ve wondered how you would fare against U.S. President Barack Obama in a March Madness pool — and your wish has been granted.

The president went public with his 2014 bracket selections in a segment on ESPN this morning called “Barack-etology.” Out of the six brackets Obama has filled out during his presidency, the only tournament champion he has correctly predicted was North Carolina in 2009.

This year, Obama has No. 4 seed Michigan State beating No. 4 seed Louisville in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Final this year. You can find the president’s complete bracket below.

President Obama's Bracket

Barack Obama picked Michigan St. to beat Louisville in his March Madness bracket on ESPN

While it may seem shocking in other years to see two No. 4 seeds in the championship match, Michigan St. and Louisville both enter the tournament as many expert’s picks to win the entire tournament. Rounding out Obama’s Final Four are No. 1 seeds Florida and Arizona.

Obama’s bracket remains fairly conservative and free of upset predictions, although he did take his alma mater Harvard (No. 12) to beat No. 5 Cincinnati in their first-round matchup.

Are you on board with the president’s picks? Who do you think will win the tournament?

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