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simplehuman Code C Custom Fit Liners, Drawstring Trash Bags, 10-12 Liter / 2.6-3.2 Gallon, 3 Refill Packs (60 Count)

One size does not fit all! simplehuman custom fit liners are designed to fit each of our trash cans perfectly so there is no messy bag overhang or bunching — and they never slip. With extra-thick plastic and double-seam construction, simplehuman’s tear- and leak-resistant garbage bags are extra strong so they hold more, which means fewer trips to throw trash out. Strong drawstring handles make these liners easy to lift, tie, and carry.

Refill packs dispense liners one at a time — no perforations or unraveling — and are designed to fit perfectly inside simplehuman trash cans with the built-in ‘liner pocket’ system.

Product Features

  • Designed to fit simplehuman trash cans perfectly
  • No bunching, overhang or slipping
  • Extra-durable plastic and thick double seams
  • Tear- and leak-resistant garbage bags
  • Extra strong to hold more so you take out less
  • Strong drawstring handles
  • One-at-a-time dispensing

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Anonymous says:

High quality but expensive Bags never leak, don’t often tear, sometimes separate on corners of items, usually stretch & hold. They don’t underperform or disappoint in any way.The only issues are that the liners seem overpriced, quality considered, and the company does their best to avoid enabling you to buy 3rd party liners (liters instead of gallons, not listing dimensions, giving inexact capacity, etc)Downside is that people with non-simplehuman trash cans & waste baskets refrain from buying…

Anonymous says:

More Expensive? Sure, Excellent Garbage Bag? Absolutely. Everyone knows these bags are more expensive than your run of the mill non fitted garbage bags, lets just get that out of the way. For me, personally, they are worth it. I have never had a bag tear and I load my garbage can up to the max, pushing things down as I fill it up. I’ve had liquid in the bags and never once have had a leak. The bags fit perfectly in my Simple Human garbage can, never slip, never get caught on anything, never get rips or holes. While this is an extreme first world…

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