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Soulection presents: Inside The Sound of Tomorrow 002

What a heavy and inspirational month it’s been since our first episode of ‘Inside The Sound of Tomorrow’. Already in one month we have accomplished so much! …

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Munster82 says:

Track ID: 0:39

da vince says:


Nikhil Bansal says:

song at 1?

Jason Tsai says:

song at 0:53

myillusi0nz says:

anyone know what the first song is?

O6ADallday says:

One day I will work with y’all, until then keep on making the sound

Jason Asuncion says:

What’s the song at 2:25?

ItchyBucoSounds IBS says:


Rdnt Child says:


Chloe Martini says:

Atu – missing you ft. Dpat

Nick Owens says:

Greatest night ever!!!! We need a monthly for sure

Rdnt Child says:

What’s the song playing at the end of the video?

Isaac Grant says:

Future fo sho

OriginalOrigins says:


spokenwordgirl says:

that night was DOPE! sweater beats was sooo good. even had all the guys
yellin “baby i like it! like it!” good night,good vibes!

Beatsbyjackie says:

Atu (ft Dpat) – Missin you

Nick Webster says:

Extremely inspirational. I love the part where you’re all at the park and
one of the guys is on his iPhone making a song or something. That just
shows the passion that some of you guys have.

IsThatMeth says:

You guys are killin it. Everything coming out from you is top class.

ryu1990fonix says:

Whats the song at the end, Thats that Epic shit!!!

jake clowney says:

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