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Truth Be Told Pt. 2: Celina and Aseer The Duke Of Tiers


sonofthedestroyer says:

Watch astarius miraculii on youtube discuss erotic innocence
How to handle sexual energy inside of you

Solomon"supersoul"prince says:

I know this is off topic but you guys have original and impeccable fashion

G%tu says:

i have those same navigator ray band glasses

Aasim EL says:

love the outfit Celina

RevolutionaryINK says:

American Horror Story? Aseer what did you think about Season 3 When Angela
Basset plays Marie Laveau for the season? I dont even watch American Horror
Story but I HAD to catch that season when I heard Angela was playing Marie
and that they were going in on some of the History of Voudun New Orleans.

If you haven’t seen it, its worth watching.
Heavy stuff And Angela, “did her thing!”

Aasim EL says:

this was the first thing I woke up this morning I was like YASSSSS its
Wednesday!!! TRUTH BE TOLD!!!

Aasim EL says:

lol you two are so fly. American Horror Story Season 3 was the bomb! Angela
Bassest played the hell out of that role.

Imati WhatTF says:

Great vid…..You guys look sharp, I love the head wrap

MissHarlemBeauty says:

Another great video. More significant than a physical gift placed in my
hands! Thank you Queen!

King Noble says:

Interesting Video 

omitoyla divine says:

Empress Celina El! You are both so bright and powerful. I am curious, what
happens if you do want to see someone else?

Abraham Levy says:

Great video, loved the dialogue. The queen is too funny and Aseer stay
bringing the science. Looking forward to see more episodes in the future.

Aasim EL says:

looking back at this, i just noticed its like the two of you are sitting
between two pillars 🙂 Boaz and Jachin.. perfect balance 🙂 

beatmages says:

Nuff respect again to di empress an tha duke peace ya.

Ellis Jaye says:

…Not everybody with a lot of options know the right thing to choose.
Celina you banged too hard with that statement on too many levels…

SunnuAkkad says:

48:10 “As a man, getting older as a man, you can’t go through this thing
and not have enemies…As a man you are not supposed to like everybody.” ~
Aseer The Duke of Tiers

girl123boy456 says:

All this could be solved if we all agreed that we (the negro) here in north
america are the tribe of Judah. Saying you are a Moor connects you to which
moorish tribe? Unless you can answer that specifically and demonstrate it
by having a tribal lifestyle, then one is still isolated and on their own
in a WORLD ruled by FAMILIES that already see themselves as a TRIBE and you
simply as PREY.

mhbass . says:

Much Love to Aseer-Celina. I appreciate what you both do in trying to
raise the consciousness of our people. Your blessings will be made
manifest because you’re blessing people with the knowledge. I’m up here in
frigid Cleveland, Ohio and trying to traverse some of that warmth you’re
basking in my way. Keep it coming. I definitely benefit from you
both….Peace & Love

Moorish Moreno Negro says:

I agree with some of stuff. These niggas seem kind of bitter kuz they
dreams didn’t come true. Tay diggs made it


Lupita is with a black man not a white man

Tha144000 says:

Glad 2 see y’all are doing good.
Just moved back stateside not too long ago to Ohio.
It’s really nice up here but y’all are making us miss that Miami weather,

stahhr says:

Powerful! The visual component with the knowledge and jewels is very
effective. Good to see you all doing well. Love to Amoor as well. :-)

coocoo clock says:

Sis has a great body…very attractive guys are
beautiful…don’t let nothing spoil it.

youngnw2 says:

Beautiful Moors! 

Demario Gooch says:

Spread luv 

Kamri Jackson says:

celina, i’m with you. never did i want to be lighter. this trend topic is
so confusing to me.. and disturbing. ya’ll are so beautiful. thank you <3 

Kristal Owens Gayle says:


Sadeia Jones says:

Sis i love it i so support you guys me as a young queen look up to sistas
like you encouraging us women to love our selves and never sale your self
nor your nationality out…..i hope to meet u guys one day soon.
Ps. Tell your king brother Don Troyce said greetings

overdoseonE says:

Peace fam, powerful video / meditation / discussion. I have always salute’d
you guys for keeping it REAL. and i tell you this from time to time. THANK
YOU! thank you Celina for creating this platform bc whenever you speak on
the radio show sometimes has me jumping off the wall whenever you grab the
phone. now we get visuals with audio. 

nya says:

I looove seeing you two together! It’s so gratifying. Your entire aura
together, the water, the breeze…it’s beautiful in so many ways. Please
keep making these videos and showing the community how we can thrive
together. This is life giving and sustaining. Htp :)

Kareem Raymer says:
Kareem Raymer says:

I look up to them a cousin and his woman

AB Bey says:

I.S.L.A.M & Peace GOD! Just as the moon is reflective of the
sun…Celina(moon) you are DEFINITELY reflective of Aseer (SUN). Don’t
think the viewers aren’t receiving your wisdom as Aseer does his thing. I
also peeped the Science with the 2 poles behind you guys!. MOORISH I AM…
not scottish! 

Shawnee Bey says:

I said that on twitter of all the story’s to be awarded how fkin insulting
you ask me. 

Shawnee Bey says:

When you are as open as you guys are about your individuality nothing
perverted can come in between you guys. The stars play a huge part in these
things to and are very important. Cause mental stimulation is important but
if it is balanced the other needs will fall into balance as well. 

Shawnee Bey says:

I’m not CooCoo brown but I was raised in the jets wit evry color in my
family. And I have been told by family that I think I’m dark because of how
militant I come across. But black has always been black. But I have learned
that my darker sisters have had certain experiences because they are
darker. And that sht fk me up. 

reliableandrew says:

Superstar couple right here…don’t mean to use a flippant term, but in
your case it’s justified.
Beloved Celina, Aseer…y’all know I was waaay too harsh & hasty in your
1st video, had to remove that comment…no way was I gonna ‘ruin’ your 1st
video by allowing that comment to continue to be the first people see…
I have more superlatives for you later.

Shawnee Bey says:

In Africa South America they are the largest group purchasing bleaching
cream. I find that very interesting. They are seeing that success comes in
light skin. That shows a lack of love of self. The perversion by the media
has a major roll in that. And on the under they all are tanning and doing
shit to look like us. In the condition we are in right now we still run the
world cus the world is trying talking looking and dressing like who us. The
so called niggas. Sht the running the world with our science. We gotta do

Chayil El says:

Can see and feel the black love, it’s the best! Yall using the Moorish
calendar? What calendar or calculation yall use for the 1434 date?

Shawnee Bey says:

We have bought into this perversion too tho like we can’t look at a man as
our brother are a sista. We have to look at each other lustily full and
perverted. We gotta dead that sht. Then we can get to know eachother as fam
and part of the puzzle that creates nation. Fk some quick sex. We need more
discipline when it comes to list and sex. 

lemonlimelukey says:

but noway, you all are the perfect couple, ! i hope one ay i find a
confident intelligent woman, all ive encountered are shallow insecure ones,
haha oh well, i learned from it all

and i am alot like you two , haha, im a scorpio (;

Tonia Patterson says:

I like y’all so much that I hate y’all… God I wish I cud just visit, hang
out, chop it up and all that all day with the both of you…earth sign here
wit two thumbs up…lovepeace…

Shawnee Bey says:

Because you are both cultural. It’s sistars who think he is allowed to have
multiple wives and if you have a good black man or even just half way
descent they want that and if they can’t have it to them selves they don’t
mind sharing are being apart of that. We are heading to a lot more of our
people getting down with polygyny. It’s cool if the science of it is
understood but if it’s perverted which is what the white man did to that
part of our culture it will not work. My granny always said never tell ya
girlfriends how ya water taste cus they gone wanta sip. 

RuphosTehutiRa says:

I envy you guys for real. I’m freezing my behind off in Pennsylvania and
you guys are soaking in those sun rays. LOL

january719 says:


january719 says:


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