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Steve Stoute Interview With The Breakfast Club Power 105.1


froochie123 says:

I gotta be the only guy who has no idea who this dude is but what I will
say is he looks just like someone laid Silly Puddy on a picture of Omar
Epps… and stretched it sideways.

Tony Contreras says:

50 Cent checked this dude at the Knicks game for running his mouth

lemar012197 says:

The most disrespectful thing Charlemagne has ever said on air at 28:30


I don’t know who this guy is but Kanye West is his BOSS! That was the best
ass kissing ever!

Virru112 says:

Insightful interview.. 100% correct on 50.. 50’s done nothing major since
his first album in rap.. Keeps bringing out records but they just don’t
stick…He’s a business man and someone who just talks about other
rappers…. . for all the fat and C.O. jokes Ross gets, he won the fight
with 50 on a hip hop level.. however, not saying I don’t like 50, I respect
his hustle, but just hasn’t been relevant on a hip hop level for many
years..I guess as long as he’s got money in the bank, it doesn’t matter..

brownsuga91 says:

Again this guy is stupid, hes talking about the public embarrassment Rick
ross and Lil Wayne experienced b/c they got dropped from Reebox and
Mountain Dew BUT the true story and issue is the PUBLIC OUTCRY that arose
when Lil Wayne spoke ill about Emmit Till and Rick Ross talked about date
rape -__________- F their “embarrassment” and lets hold these grown ass
men accountable for the ridiculous ass messages they send

Kia Carter says:

Steve sound SCARED…I don’t like it….

Tramir Ferguson says:

Anyone else notice the crumb sittin on Envy’s chin?

KaishaLaSha83 says:

Somebody being a “yes man,” to Kanye West and don’t want to be truthful.
However, 808’s wasn’t a definite classic, it was mediocre at best but, this
interview though, I don’t know it’s something about Steve Stout that I
can’t quite put my finger on. Also, Cthagod had some good rebuttals.

ekene aja says:

he handled those yeezy questions extremely well

quincy linn says:

Good interview


some of you guys are giving this guy shit for not saying anything negative
about Kanye? Get a grip. This dude just said he’s thankful and grateful for
the opportunities that were given to him. “Not even a dog bites the hand
that feeds him” Imagine your life was turned around for the better by a
person that gave you an opportunity. Would you talk shit about him/her? Of
course you’d be grateful unless you’re a fuckboi. That’s not being a yes
man. You dumb motherfuckers

Diana Maina says:

Finally someone who understands Kanye views. I agree his message may come
out wrong but the message itself is pure. Kanye will always be one of the
best there’s no denying what he’s already accomplished, he’s opened many
doors for our people along the way as well. Overall great interview can’t
wait for documentary !

jonathan limehouse says:

Man he’s disrespecting macklemore sir kendrick is better lyrically but he
was the only one in the rap category that is great lyrically besides
kendrick c’mon man don’t just a book by its cover 


I liked this interview and I’m will be watching the documentary 

Mike Lowrey says:

Good interview, the young ones may not get it now, but (hopefully) if they
live long enough they can understand and see it. 

Kris Miles says:

Most people don’t get what Kanye’s driving at, Steve Stoute does. Break it
down past all the big quotes and all it is is: He wants to do more than
music, but corporations think that he should just stick to music because
that’s what he’s known for. But Kanye thinks that’s wrong because with the
hype behind his products in fashion he deserves the chance to try and
really dip his foot into another industry. Adidas saw that and now they are
gonna be huge come September 2014. 

don dada says:

And that’s why C-tha-God is in the position he is!!! cos he voices his
opinion apologetically and relentlessly!

305Kicks says:

im hispanic born in the united states and i call my hispanic friends all
the time my niggas lol i see nothing wrong with it 

Andre Coleman says:

50 cent forever clown!!!!

XxMaKeMeLaUgHxX says:

i thoroughly enjoyed that interview.

brownsuga91 says:

This guys is stupid when he says certain stars like Diddy and Jay Z and
Kanye are untouchable b/c of their influence. No one is ever too big to go
unchecked! Some of these people will put out mediocre shit or do ridiculous
things and think its ok, No..

killahodges says:

Love this interview except the part he sticks up for rick ross. Rick ross
didnt just say “bitch” in his song but was promoting rape culture. Other
than tht I enjoyed this interview

MinasPraSempre says:

Amazing interview! 

MinasPraSempre says:

By the way…”appropriateness” is a actually a word! 

MinasPraSempre says:

Chalarmaaaaaagne such an amazing interviewer! ALWAYS asking the questions
we all want to hear! 

TheBreakfastClub1051 says:

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