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The African Americans Many Rivers to Cross Episode 6 A More Perfect Union 1968 — 2013


TheLegend8010 says:

From looking at this how can a Black American go join the US Army and fight
for this that has been done to them and still is just SAD

TaylorAnn Lawless says:

Such a shame Obama turned out to be a traitor who has done nothing of worth
to black people. We needed him and he has shied away from helping us combat
poverty, drugs etc. Instead he his a friend to the Hispanic and gay
communities who don’t really need as much help as black people do. 

frellthat says:

Ben Carson brilliant? He denies evolution.

Debra Williams says:

I cried when President Obama was elected because my Grandmother did not
live to see that day!!!

Rebecca Henry says:

WOW!! what a afternoon spent watching the whole series. What a eye opener.
Awesome viewing thank you 

Annalisa Young says:

Thanks for posting, awesome program.

Regina Wofford says:

I love our history and I want to reach out and share OUR STORY. Wow

chandelierma says:

Thanks Danny for sharing these videos, they were very insightful and
interesting to watch, I hope that a lot of people watch them.

Jxxy Hxxy says:

A very wonderful educational ” Video ”

Danny , ” you are on the money ” ! Thanks so very much for your time to
upload these educational videos .

gian paolo Puglisi says:

Great work !
Thanks a lot

thatoneguy334 says:

Thanks very much for posting this. It’s appreciated! Excellent documentary.

sandolorsilverdollar says:

thankyou henry,i watched the whole series,and i am very sorry that we live
in such a world,it is hard to understand in this day and age,thank god and
a the brave afro americans for that

No Name says:

Beautiful video! Thank you.

gmwilliamsful says:

Thank you Mr. Ebere for this wonderful video. I burst into tears, watching
it! My people have INDEED CONQUERED and OVERCOME a lot!

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