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They say that 90% of an iceberg is below the water's surface. So I guess you could say that this is “just the tip”.


ShamrockFury says:

“Nah baby, it’s bigger. The rest of it is just submerged”

Savvi says:

Something something OP’s mom’s dildo something something…

noobert says:

Nice helmet.

gr4d1vu5 says:

No way that iceberg is white

99tacosfor2dollars says:

I’m a grower not a shower baby

MittenMuffins says:

Damn caption… You win.

JewsQueersAndEskimosINeverReallyCaredFor says:

No wonder the Titanic got fucked…

EnjoyerAlias says:

Remember this when you measure.

twisster76 says:

Albino Dark Helmet?

YourNickleAintWorthADime says:

Is that a penis joke? IT IS A PENIS JOKE!

ss44 says:

dat girth

wolfpreist says:


winchesterbros says:

Damn nature, you dirty

kryhavok says:

Anything is a dildo if you’re brave enough.

cbrva says:

Let’s just see what it feels like.

LeeCaptainObviousLee says:

Danger zone!

FireBreathingStockBroker says:

Still not big enough to satisfy your mom.

CarlHaveYouSeenMyBlueSlippers says:


himyf says:

As cold as OP’s mother’s heart.

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