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This Is The Torturous Reality Of Someone Who’s Awful With Names (Video)


Remembering someone’s name is a skill most people do not posses. Those moments where your mind goes blank can be the most awkward.

A skit filmed by CollegeHumor captures what goes through the minds of people who are bad at remembering names in social settings.

I’m sorry what’s your name again? It always takes me two tries.

Many of us know that saying far too well. Sometimes our thoughts get so wrapped up in the environment we’re in that we lose track of our conversations.

In the video, the narrator, Dave, switches between his thoughts and his social interactions at a party and his thoughts continuously cut off his ability to listen and react to people who talk to him.

The comedy skit puts a hilarious spin on a situation where Dave can’t remember a cute girl’s name at a party and he does his best to figure it out without her knowing. But, by the time he remembers her name she’s already making out with another guy.

Watch the scene unfold in the video below.

H/T: Huffington Post

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