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Valassis study: Viewers are more receptive to ads on streaming TV

30-second summary:

  • A new report from marketing intelligence firm Valassis finds that ads on streaming TV are more relevant than ones on traditional TV.
  • About 49 percent of all respondents felt that way. Among younger viewers (aded 25-34), that figure was 69 percent.
  • Thirty-seven percent felt that the optimal length for such ads was 15 seconds or under, while another 24 percent are fine with 30-second ads.

Nearly half of U.S. consumers see ads on streaming TV as more relevant to them than traditional TV ads, according to a new study from marketing intelligence firm Valassis.

The report, which looked at attitudes toward uses of connected TV (CTV) and streaming TV services, found that a larger number of younger consumers (aged 25-34) felt this way about streaming ads – 69 percent – while 49 percent of all respondents did.

15 seconds or less

Fifty-two percent said they were more likely to research or purchase a product or service they saw advertised on streaming TV, compared to traditional cable TV.

The maximum length of non-skippable ads on streaming services should be 15 seconds or less, according to 37 percent of the respondents, while another 24 percent indicated they are fine with 30-second ads. Twelve percent and nine percent said they were OK with 60- and 90-second ads, respectively.

Additionally, 53 percent of respondents watch TV or a streaming service on a phone or tablet while shopping. That figure rises to 74 percent among parents, a group which the report finds are more interested in streaming services in a number of ways.

Jay Webster, Valassis executive senior vice present, noted in a statement that brands can more readily target audiences on CTV and streaming TV by “interests, in-market signals, and location.”

He told ClickZ that the new report shows consumers are “more receptive to brand messages presented” through these non-broadcast, non-cable channels.

Most have cable and streaming TV

Nearly three-fourths of consumers reported that they subscribe to at least one streaming service. More than half – 56 percent – of consumers have both cable and streaming TV services, according to the report, compared to 14 percent who have only streaming TV and 21 percent who have only cable.

Among parents, 72 percent have both cable and streaming, and 83 percent of all parents subscribe to at least one streaming service.

Twenty-eight percent of 18-to-24-year-olds have only streaming. Thirty-five percent of that age group expect to purchase a new streaming service in the next year, and an additional 21 percent are considering it. Among parents, 56 percent plan to subscribe to a new streaming service in the coming year.

Slightly more than one-third of consumers watch one to three hours of streaming TV daily, while 20 percent watch three to five hours and 13 percent watch more than five hours.

The report is based on an online-only questionnaire of 1,000 consumers in the U.S., and was conducted by online market research firm Dynata. Respondents were chosen through a partnership with more than 75 global brands, and were invited via direct email.

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