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Wedding + tornado + flooded road = no problem in Saskatchewan


Compunction says:

Coming soon to cinemas near you: WEDNADO

420drums says:

I love Saskatchewan

mbennett233 says:

Bride would probably talk a lot about her hair and how mother nature hates it.

Laycaris says:

I predict a stormy relationship. *hides*

polkaboxers says:

ehhhh saskatchewan!

Jofflecopter says:

Last kiss before a cow comes flying at you

AnthonyNapkins says:

“nuff said”

HankHillPropaneAndPropaneAccessories says:

Fuck id watch that and then talk shit about it later

Rivalyn says:

Easy to draw, hard to spell.

Kur111 says:

So… There’ll be a flood and tornados and brides raining from the sky?

Lanabur says:

Hello neighbour! -Alberta

tarataqa says:

Now with Photoshop, everyone can use this as their wedding photo too! What a time to be alive.

BasilBear says:

Me too!

DeusExMundus says:

Truth be told, the wind did a favor to her hair and dress.

BasilBear says:

That is where I am right now! Also you look lovely.

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