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What She Goes Through On A Daily Basis Will Break Your Heart

Seeing your child in pain is difficult for any parent, especially when there’s nothing you can do to help.

That’s the case for Tina O’Kelly, an Irish mother who watches her 21-year-old daughter Colleen battle chronic pain every day. Colleen has Joubert syndrome, and though she was able to get a kidney transplant already, she’s been waiting for years to get surgery to correct the scoliosis in her spine. The rate of curvature of her spine is 97%, and this puts her at higher risk for other complications.

Tina, who was hesitant to share the video, said, “This is the reality of living with this condition. It’s getting worse and compromising her health that we have fought so hard for all her life. It’s compromising her kidney transplant.”

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She continued, “She is normally such a happy, happy person. She has flown through her transplant…through everything…with a smile on her face. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to see her suffering like this now. She doesn’t have to suffer like this. This is avoidable.”

(via HerFamily)

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