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joe n says:

ummm im jewish im not black lation or indian!

Allis One says:

@ 9:35 Temp agencies Unions etc are what is stopping people from getting
jobs a lot of companies only hire THROUGH temp agencies. It’s a way to
keep people from getting on a medical plan retirement benefits higher pay
wages or direct hire, ALSO Unions come in and push Politics on a company by
handouts and have a system where the voting process is altered and
controlled by the union and the employer together to benefit them both not
the worker as well as protect the companies from any legal action keeping
grievances from leaving the companies and also have process that goes
through arbitration where the arbitration is mutually agreed upon by the
company and the union itself. Don’t go to a temp agency they have no
employee contract if you are wronged at your workplace there is nothing you
can do because you are then between a company and a temp agency that does
not have a employee contract that gives them any responsibility to do
anything legally. Read the small print, question everything, and thanks
for the insight though on riots and how it will eventually go down you are
right it already happens though its called disorderly conduct tickets based
on not complying based on flexing your rights lawfully then “Police
training” or tactics such as Terry stops where they can stop you for
changing directions and say the “reasonable suspicion” was based on that
and then all end on you getting resisting, disorderly etc, or possible
death or injury and in court you will see a judge dismiss the evidence and
land you in jail. Technology is making things very apparent People in
general cant function in a society that is based on order by force.

Israels Obsession says:

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