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AA RASHID IG Live – Jan 2020


Isiah Benitez says:

Congo gods heres a few zarabana el cristo nigro el cristo rey san simon kuba yenda waterwamba yamabaka nsai Francisco rayos

Gods Create says:

Where can I find the second dude talking?

Gods Create says:

This pure fire thanks

FARD1930 says:

Stop selling over priced low quality videos

Willie Boyland says:

Kodak Black is definitely a LEGEND for that line….

Ken W says:

When Blacks talk about Egypt they talking about Black Egypt pre-invasion of light skin Egyptians bro

Tdot321 Action says:

Yeh more AA… can't get enough of these jew-wells Word to God and Peace to Ifa Oba!

Onu says:

niggas be entertained by this nigga talkin to his imaginary enemies

tyshawn anderson says:

Pseudo. He used to say blacks wrote the Bible

Amari says:

This one of my favorite AA lives, you a real one for this.

Shades Michaels says:

Lmao A.A your talking some real fire than you threw in brother Oba boy this is going to be a good yr for you bad yr for them talk about it

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