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Behavior Theory in Health Promotion Practice and Research

Grounded in public health practice, this text offers a comprehensive study of the health behavior theories that are the foundation of all health education and promotion programs. Your students will come away with a clear understanding of essential relationships between human behavior and health, as well as the practical application of theory and approaches to health promotion research and practice. Designed for graduates or upper level undergraduates, the book maintains a consistent, single voice and offers many examples throughout.

Section I. Theory in Context:
1. Health Behavior in the Context of Public Health
2. A Social Ecological Perspective
3. Theories of Motivation and Behavior: A Brief History and Contemporary Perspectives

Section II. Cognitive and Social Theories of Motivation and Behavior
4. Expectancy Value Models
5. Operant Conditioning, Self-Regulation, and Social Cognitive Theory
6. Social Influence Theory: The Effects of Social Factors on Health Behavior
7. Diffusion of Innovations Theory

Section III. Behavior Change Theories
8. Learning, Teaching, and Counseling
9. Self-Determination Theory and Motivational Interviewing
10. Stage Models
11. Health Communication and Social Marketing
12. Communities and Health Promotion

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Anonymous says:

This is the worst textbook I have ever used. Basic concepts are not clearly defined, despite their being plenty of words. The only way for me to successfully use this textbook is to look through the chapters for key words and the names of theories, so I can get on the internet and read about them in more clearly defined terms. I also notice the definitions described in this text often very from the generally accepted definitions in other textbooks and credible sources. There have been arguments…

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