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Can’t Tell What Makes These Jeep Ads Ridiculously Creative? Turn Them Over.

Uninterested in the usual “Hey, here’s what the car looks like, buy it” type of advertisement that you see so often, Jeep hired Leo Burnett Worldwide to come up with something new and different. No, that’s not an optical illusion, an automaker actually wanted to do something new and different, but these print ads are. The tagline says “See what you want to see,” and you’ll want to see them all. Take a look!

Oooh, a seal!


Or so you thought.


Is this an elephant…


or a swan flipped over?


Surely this one is a giraffe and giraffe only, right?


Have you learned nothing?


Those are something else, all right! No, really, they are. Share this creative campaign using the button below.

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