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Salesforce launches Datorama Marketplace for creating apps with marketing intelligence

Last summer, Salesforce announced it was buying marketing intelligence provider Datorama.

On Thursday, the CRM giant said that it is launching a Datorama Marketplace to help developers create custom and specialized apps that employ the marketing intelligence platform. And, to get the ball rolling, the company is launching a contest for innovative app ideas, with cash prizes.

As we reported after the initial acquisition,

“Salesforce’s acquisition of Datorama is significant because it represents a broader trend of consolidation within the marketing industry. CRM and analytics providers are realizing that the siloing of data has become a serious problem in the marketing space, and many firms are looking to solve that by creating platforms that merge multiple streams of data into one unified interface that can rapidly surface insights to marketers.

Having Datorama inside its fold will provide significant benefits for customers already in the Salesforce ecosystem, not the least of which is more accurate tracking of their marketing data – even if it’s stored outside of Salesforce today. As the trend of industry consolidation seems set to continue, Salesforce’s acquisition of Datorama will help it face the rising tides of competition while giving its customers enhanced analytics capabilities.”

And indeed, we’re seeing now an example of that consolidation, and the industry’s trend toward data-driven analytics in marketing.

For Salesforce and partners’ platforms

The apps themselves will be available through the Salesforce AppExchange, and designed for use on Salesforce’s platform, as well as for the Google Marketing Platform, Pinterest, and other partners. Currently numbering 14, the apps include ones from Salesforce, as well as ones from customers and partners that have been built using the Datorama Developer Portal.

By opening up the Datorama platform, the apps are intended to highlight Datorama capabilities, such as measurement analysis, data visualization, and insights powered by AI.

In its announcement, Salesforce pointed to Land O’Lakes, which said in a statement that the Marketplace apps can help “uncover new performance data and gain faster insights to improve our campaigns.” Ad platform AppNexus said that its apps on the MarketPlace can help advertisers determine the best campaign outcomes, without spending time “manipulating manual spreadsheets.”

Current apps in the Marketplace

Apps in the Marketplace currently include:

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email, which provides interactive analytics for measuring the effectiveness of email campaigns.
  • A Salesforce Sales Cloud app to help B2B marketers connect paid, owned and organic campaigns to lead results, velocity and opportunities.
  • AppNexus Essential Monitoring presents ad server discrepancies and KPI performance trends for ad campaigns.
  • Workspace Health shows data quality across all marketing sources.
  • Social Intelligence presents a comparative view of brand presence across major social platforms.
  • And various SmartLens apps shows enhanced reporting from ad environments, like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.

Dashboards, Alexa

Headquartered in New York City, Datorama has more than half of its 400 employees in Israel, and its clients include PepsiCo, Ticketmaster, and Unilever. It focuses on providing a single dashboard with data from a variety of advertising and marketing tools, enhanced by automated reporting and AI-derived insights.

Last year, it also launched the ability for brands to create a separate dashboard for a specific data stream, and it went beyond its foundational AI for organizing incoming data to launch Genius, an embedded AI layer that makes suggestions about data the user is employing. In late 2016, Datorama became one of the first marketing analytics platforms to provide a voice interface integration with Amazon’s Alexa voice agent.

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