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The CMO’s role as a change agent to deliver outstanding CX

Our Fast Five series debuts with Bibhakar Pandey, Capgemini’s Vice President of Marketing Services and Digital Customer Experience. In this five-minute, insight-packed video, Bibhakar leverages 25 years of his experience in championing customer experience with large global brands. Dive in to discover the evolving role of CMOs, key challenges, and opportunities to improve customer retention through stellar customer experiences (CX).

Q1: What is the present and future of customer experience?

Q2: How can CMOs champion customer experience?

Q3: What are the most underrated avenues CMOs overlook while gauging the customer pulse in real-time?

Q4: What are some key indications that your brand has got the right technology partnership?

Q5: How can CMOs bridge the gap between marketing and tech teams to win at customer experience optimization (CXO)?

Five keywords for succeeding at customer experience and the role of CMOs as change agents.

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